Ordered feminized seeds got auto flower


I ordered Feminized seeds on February 4th 2021. I believe I received auto flower. Can someone confirm this for me so customer support can help me resolve this issue.

Thank you!

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Hi Johnn…welcome. You can look up your order but from the pics you sent, they are already in flower so easy to identify as autoflowers…unless you started them under 12/12 light schedule
If your lights are on more than 14 hrs a day - I bet my $$ on autoflower


I just needed an expert to confirm this is auto flower seeds

Thank you for your response

Here is what I ordered

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well you sure do know how to order the good stuff! The list is all PHOTO PERIOD plants, not autoflower.
Surprising you have flowers already. What is the light schedule? The reason a plant goes to flower is it has 12 or more hours of darkness…
What are the strains that have pistils and what is your light schedule
We could always ask @Kronic to step in if there was a mistake made

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What’s your light cycle and are there ANY light leaks, if not then you were sent autos however you definitely want to check for light leaks.

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Haha thanks Mike! I have these plants under 24/0 light. There are no light leak since the room has lights on 24 hours.

Hello Derek, thanks for the response. My light cycle right now is 24 hours and there is no light leak inside the room where i have these planted

has it ALWAYS been 24/0? If so, I would assume there was a mixup with your seeds. Photo period plants do NOT FLOWER unless something triggers it and it looks like more than 1 plant. Are the ones flowering all the same batch / strain?

Sometimes things go awry and sometimes that is for a good reason. If they ARE auto…you are going to have an early harvest and hit it again…I think autoflowers are a more potent genus, higher levels of terpenes, thc, cbd, g, n. etc. I never used to like them becasue of the small harvest compared to photo periods but after growing them all winter, I have switched over and now PREFER auto…I prefer it A LOT MORE I gre like 10 different strains and am on my 3rd run since September…I could never do that with photo’s. I still have a fwe fav’s --Acapulco Gold, Grand Daddy Purp (by the way, I grew a GDP auto and Photo…take a look at this (from my auto)),

Was the best GDP I ever had BY FAR…
and Bubba Kush. The GDP and Bubba are re-vegging now. The only other photo I have is THAI…
I planted around a dozen GSC, G13, SLemonHaze, CBDKush, 4 frankenstein (my own strain), and a few others…all in progress now, around 3-4 weeks. I am debating to put the photo in the garden but am struggling over waiting till October for harvest. Our summers (Las Vegas) are LONG AND HOT
You may just seek compensation and / or finish it out. @Kronic will do the right thing, he always does…We love this site for a lot more than it seeds…

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I think it’s the grow atmosphere on the plants something not right

Think they probably root bound the only thing they can do is mature in them solo cups

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The room is set to around 78-80 degrees and humidity is around 40% with the light cycle at 24/0. I ordered feminized seeds to make clones but I believe these are auto flower

Hi Mike, Yes the light has been on 24/0 since i planted these. I planted this early march. Same batch different strains are flowering. All of my Purple Gelato has flower and bruce banner and 2 of my GDP has flower right now and 3 of my gelato has flower. I didn’t plan to harvest this since I wanted the feminized plants to make clones… damm that gdp looks real good!! You have some good strains yourself!! haha good luck with that vegas heat!! stay cool! and thank you again for your help and responses!!

Sorry but they are stressed you needed to transplant them in bigger pots they can’t grow any bigger they have matured in the cups

Hi Reed, thanks for the reply. I would transfer them to pots if they were feminized seeds. I have no need for auto flower seeds

John that’s what I’m trying to tell you.you don’t have auto’s you have photos they have matured in the cups if you would haveput them in bigger pots they wouldn’t have budded on you a plant will only get so big in a cup

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If they are Photo and you transplant them, you can put them back into veg mode and not have to start from the beginning. Either 20/4 or 6/2 x 3…they will go back to veg mode around the 3rd week…

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Hi Mike and reed thanks for the reply! I will move them over to a bigger pot and see if they back to veg state. I’ll try the 20/4 cycle. Thanks for the help