Old Tent Light Leaks? TIP :)

Just wanted to give you guys a little tip today since I was fixing these tiny micro light holes I can see in my tents fabric after a year of use. Nothing huge but I wanted to be sure to fix it. This trick will work with huge holes if you use your imagination with masking tape on one side to prevent leak thru.

ANd Thus the trick is: Shoe Goo Black.

I use to use this as a kid growing up to patch holes on skate shoes to make them last longer. Its flexible. They have it in Clear and BLack. I suggest the black and even a black plastick bag if you cut it and then put as a extra layer to seal the light.

Anyhow Im high from the fumes so if possible use outdoors wasnt able to and posting this probably came from that haha enjoy!


Get the black gorilla duck tape it is damn good stuff and it has to be that brand when you put it on though it might not come off @Sk8nGrow


true i totally forgot about gorilla tape, the black duct tape i had was working too but i just wanted more durability so i added the shoe goo. Gotta admit the smell lingered for the whole night.

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That gorilla tape once you put it on its hard to get off lol

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Black duct tape works wonders too