Oils/tinctures vs flower/hash/wax/dabs

Thank you for the excellent information! Although I’ve been smoking daily since 1977, the newer forms of cannabis ingestion leave me a bit wanting.
I’ve made various “extracts” and used them in various ways, but have always found that it takes me an enormous amount of extracts in comparison to smoking bud. The only edibles that I get any effect from are “bakery items”, such as hash brownies. But even with these, it takes 150+ mg to “feel it” (any type of change, whether, physical or psychological).
Smoking a good sativa during the day really helps the creativity flow and keeps tiredness at bay. I’m partial to some purple haze I grew recently - phenomenal taste, smell, look, and effects.
Mid day I switch to a hybrid, but on the indica dominant side, such as a kush (purple kush x white russian does a decent job).
Evenings I switch to heavy indicas (over 20+% thc) to wind down and get tired for the night. My brain is always on and in race mode, so I need something to knock me out. Recently, mochalope has been great for that, as well as an Ohio-only dispensary strain called SherbHead.
Overall, I sufferer from collapsed vertebrae in my neck, TD, mild arthritis, hyperactivity, intense sweating disorders, and mild insomnia (due to the hyperactivity). I’ve been able to handle many of these ailments with various strains, as well as come off of opiods (Percocet @ 40mg/day) after 11 years - did it cold turkey too without any adverse effects.
I’m always looking for new ways of enjoying as well as curing ailments with this wonder plant!


Ever try going clean, no weed, for a week or so? Sounds like you’re describing tolerance.

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Oh definitely!! Went 3 months clean a few years back. Was back to the same tolerance levels within 2 days of starting back up. I have a very high tolerance to just about any type of chemicals - even prescribed meds - I’m usually prescribed a minimum of a double dose - and as high as a 5x dose - depending on the drug. I’ve been this way all my life - my metabolism is extremely high, so it takes large amounts of anything to overcome that. At least that’s what my doctors have always said! My wife and I also work in the medical industry, so we also look at the clinical side of things when it comes to this so that we’re well versed on the pros/cons of our choices. Also, what’s odd about the tolerance question is that I smoke 1-2 grams per day, which is light in comparison to the amount of extracts I need to maintain the same effects.


@Bill I agree that the best high is from smoking. However it’s inefficient and inhaling smoke is inherently unhealthy. The bong is the most efficient smoke but it’s cumbersome and bong water smells terrible.

Have you tried dry herb vaping? It’s VERY efficient and gives nearly as good a kick as a spliff. I use a Magic Flight Launchbox vaporizer, very low-tech and an excellent delivery method. An ordinary AA battery provides power. When you insert the battery into the Launchbox, a metal heating element under a fine mesh brass screen heats up, pretty quickly. As you inhale, the temperature goes from room temp up to the point where all is vaporized. Takes one good, slow inhale to reach this temp. It’ll go to the combustion point if you don’t watch out, and act like a pipe. Along the way, different terpines are vaporized at different temperatures so you get the full spectrum of effect. I love it, it’s simple, clean, I can take a hit anywhere I go. And they give a lifetime guarantee, even if you screw it up. I paid $89.


@Bill yes I understand. One of my friends was placed on a liver transplant list because of opioids they had her on for years. Some drs helped her by weaning her off using medical marijuana. It really is awesome & beneficial. She uses it for Parkinson’s disease. She’s used it 2 times for cancer. I’ve been using for about 2 years due to a car accident & skin cancer. It helps my chronic fatigue, fibro, insomnia & other stuff. I was on about 16 pills a day. Couldn’t find my way out of a brown paper bag to save my life lol. Now, I’m good an those pharmaceutical BS is gone. I feel free :grin: keep going sounds like you know what you need. My friends intake is very high also. She’s been doing this for over 13 years.


Yep, tried various dry herb vaping rigs. Not my thing. I smoke bongs primarily - have about 8 in different styles, sizes and overall effect on the lungs (old style column bongs will knock your socks off, but a good, hi volume, low-cough bong is perfect. I clean my bongs (if they’ve been used) on a daily basis, so cleaning isn’t an issue - I can clean any of my bongs - and some are elaborate - in under 7 minutes, with most under 5. Hot water as a pre-rinse, 90+% isopropyl alcohol as a mild removal rinse, and salt crystals if there are stubborn spots. I have 5 year old bongs that look nearly as clean as the day I bought them. I look at it as being no different than washing a shotglass before using it each day.


Roll it up and smoke it!

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My first bong was the best. The burning load always got sucked down the tube and generated a steam finish to make the hit smooth as hell. Haven’t seen on as good since (going on 50 years now…)


@Bill @bill I’ve used a bong with ice years ago. It was very smooth no hot pipes. Hmmm, maybe I’ll check one out. I have a vaporizer also that works nice.


Update, I’ve been informed that olive oil or coconut oil will give you better results then veg glycerin. They absorb more from the weed & your body digests it better :blush: Just thought I would share…happy growing


@MDBuds hi I’m getting ready to make a alcohol free pain tincture for chronic pancreatitis for my daughter. She handles high thc levels & currently uses 3 cc’s of RSO for pain.
I’m hoping to create something for her to take daily so she can keep it in her system continuously. Right now RSO chocolates are her go to. I thought if I made a tincture/tonic she could take it 1 or 2 xs daily she might be able to reduce the amount of edibles she goes through everyday. Keep those for flare ups.
If I remember correctly, coconut oil/butter is better to use then veg glycerin, correct? The body absorbs it better.
She is extremely malnourished because she hasn’t been able to eat much since July. I wanted to add THCA (nutrients) through a cold process & another process to heat it up to activate the THC (pain). Please correct at any point :blush:.
So I would create 2 types then combine them so she would benefit from all of1 it.
I have several grams of keif & soon I will have Blueberry available.
My issue; I’m confused about what ratios to to use of what :pleading_face: I need it strong!!!
Could you help me figure out the amounts of what I should use to make my recipe? It would be a quart size jar. As always I appreciate your input. :grin::grin:

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@LilMic I can give you approximations based on average strain statistics for dosage but I would need to know what strains you plan to use and the measured weight of the keif you are using. Coconut oil and butter is better to use than vg yes because they bind better to cannabinoids but if you want something to help with nourishment as well it would be best to use cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and some liquid sunflower lecithin.

In the article I posted it breaks down the average absorption rates of each base I listed and how much to use.

Basically to figure it out though you need to know the potency of your cannabis. You then multiply the potency by the decarb rate. Average decarb rate is 70% +/- 5%.

So if you have 1 gram of bud with 20% thc that would be 200 mg thc per gram. 200x.7 would be 140mg. Then you multiply that by the absorption rate of the tincture base. If you used butter it would be 140x.86 for the maximum absorption if you buy the good butter and heat it properly.

So, before I can give you the full break down of what you would need I need you to tell me exactly what you have to work with as far as flower and keif. Once you tell me the weight of the flower and keif you have and what items you have available I can tell you exactly how to prepare it to make it as potent as possible.

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@MDBuds hello. Ok, I have 3 grams of keif mixture made from blue Dream, NY Sunshine, Maui Wowie & Purple Urkle.

I have 1 oz of Super Silver Haze, 2 ozs of Blueberry & 2 ozs of Bleugenius.

Silver Haze THC upto 18%
Blueberry THC 16 20%
Bleugenius CBD 10 - 13%

In your example you had 1 gram with 20% THC. How did you get the 200? I’m bad at math sorry.

Where is the article you posted located please :blush: much appreciated!! Ty very much

@LilMic thc content is measured by weight. 1 gram is 10 decigrams, 100 centigrams, or 1000 milligrams.

Since thc is measured in milligrams you multiply the weight of 1 gram of cannabis by the percentage of thc to get the wight. So if a strain has 20% thc by weight you multiply 1000mgX.20 to get 200 mg.

I’ll post the link for you here again and I’ll do some math for you when I have the time and pm you with what you need to do.

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Just like calculating sales tax. Sorry bad joke. Hopefully not 20%.

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@MDBuds thank you very much!!

@MDBuds yay!! Excited to see YOUR recipes​:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: