OhanaFarmer 2022 Grow

Excited to start this grow! This is my 2nd grow, first true documentation of the process.
I have been trying to use the HGCC Diary App but it has been extremely glitchy.

HGCC Gelato Auto x4
4 x 4 RichYa Tent
4” AC Infinity exhaust fan with carbon filter
AC Infinity controller
2.5 gal fabric pots
Sohum Cyclops soil setup
Vivosun 320W Dimmable LED
Basic Oscillating tent fan

Day 1
Dropped 4 seeds into rockwool cubes.
RO water
Light @ 24” (25%) 18/6 cycle
Soil is bone dry so I am adding 1L/pot each day and will test PH after a few days
Light ON - 78F / 82%Rh
Light OFF - 70F / 68%Rh

Day 2
Same conditions.
Added a little RO water to cubes

Day 3
Same conditions.
Germination started

Day 4
Same conditions.
All 4 are emerging.

Day 5
Same conditions.
All 4 above ground.

Day 6
Transplanted the cubes into pots
Sohum base with a light soil core
Fingers crossed!
Seedlings look good so far
Light 20% 24 inches

Day 8
All 4 about the same height
Rotated pots
Few drips of RO water to moisten cubes
Holding humidity 75-80%
Holding temp 68-75F

Day 11
All 4 girls about same height
3 day average 72F/75%
Budding 3rd set of leaves
Rotate 90d daily
Applied tea tree solution for insect control
Traps have caught a few gnats. Trying to let surface dry out some.

Day 15

All 4 are approximately 3” tall. 2 have different leaf structure (one long wavy serrated pointed and the other short more lobed). The short one has a purple discoloration half way up the trunk. Otherwise they all four look healthy.

They got a few drops of RO water every other day to keep the cube moist. I applied germ genie at a rate of 1 drop per 1/4 liter. I applied a little to the leaves and put rest in my reserve soil blend.

Light still at 18”, ppfd average 280.

Turned tent fan on, pointing down to give very light air movement across surface. Plants giggle a little so hopefully won’t dry out faster than I can keep up.

Several gnats caught. Treating with tea tree oil daily. Basil just sprouted and will put in tent in a week hopefully. When plants get a little higher I will mulch over.


HGCC seeds (freebies on last order)
2’ x 2’ AC Infinity Tent
4” fan
S-22 ironboard led
Sohum cyclops setup 3 gallon fabric pots
Direct sow into inner lighter mix

Found that the smaller tent makes it harder to boost the humidity so I am using domes.

Day 8
Seeds sprouted without issue on Day 4.
Germination conditions average 73F and 75+% RH
Soil 6.6ph and 71F
Light 18” 280 ppfd
Rotating pots daily. Probably overkill.

Day 14
Slow growth in past few days. May have made error in setting up the pots. One definitely has what looks like burn at the tips causing them to appear rounded.

Otherwise they are progressing past second node development.

Color seems a little pale but it may be typical for DeeLite at this stage.

PPFD is at 250-275 range. The ironboard light puts out virtually no heat at 20% I am thinking of bumping up to 30% to increase PPFD.

This weeks average:


Gelato Update
Day 21

Growth ramped up this past week. Still debating on whether to attempt topping. Starting to lean one plant to experiment lst.

Lowered light a few inches to increase PPFD from 400 avg to 500 avg.

Rotated twice this week.

Applied Germ Genie one time this week.

Average Environmental Conditions 7 day avg.

Day 23

Little one did not make it🥺

Goodbye Little One


Gelato Auto Update
Day 28

Topped all 3 plants 5 days ago. All showing explosive growth.

Changed out light from 300 to 400w and brought ppfd up to 500-600 average.

Added second oscillating fan to upper tent.

Battling high temps outside this week and I haven’t had chance to insulate my grow area. It’s also unusually dry with humidity in low 40s.

This has caused big swings in my VPD but hopefully I can get some lower temps going after isolating grow area from garage.

7 day average conditions

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Gelato Auto Update-Day 35

Lots of growth this week. I have been slowly using LST to spread out the canopy. They are recovering well. I think I am technically in “pre-flower” now on 2/3 plants at least.

Watered 2x this week with RO water and a smidge of molasses to see if that changes things. Thankfully the Sohum soil is still providing nutrients. I am not sure how long that will last but I am ready with some HGCC Organic Nutes for when the time comes. I also have an arsenal of other organic amendments just in case.

It has been a 95F+ no rain 24 days. The tent keeps pushing 80, I opened the tent door which brought it down some. I added ice bottles that helped some. I can hopefully complete sealing off that half of the space and be able to climatize it after the girls start back to school in a few weeks.

7 Day Average


Gelato Auto Update - Day 42

Kinda on cruise control this week. Watering, rotating, waiting. Lol.

There is still one plant showing no signs of flower and I am thinking it may need flip.

I will give it one more week then move to another tent to flip.

7 day average

These are the DeeLites I abandoned in the other tent. I set them on table and noticed some new growth so I put them in with these Gelatos. I am surprised at how one of them has really accelerated growth and is catching up. Although it too shows no signs of flower.

Grape Killer 99 Fem - Day 0

Decided to start a hydroponic set up in the 2’ x 2’ tent.

10L reservoir using Growth Science nutrient plan.

Let’s see what shakes out :crossed_fingers:


Fun! Looking good! Lots happening here!

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Gelato Update Day 50

Was out of town this week and had help watering. I fed the day I left and had help just add 1/2L of water every other day. One is showing some nitrogen deficiency, hopefully the feed today will turn it around. It is developing trichomes now as well.

7 day average

GK99 updates

All sprouted and I think have done well considering being on their own for the past 5 days.


Update Gelato Auto
Day 56

One of the 3 plants is ready to harvest.

I put in dark yesterday and wet trimmed it tonight.

The other 2 Gelatos and the remaining DeeLite are about even as far as growth. Hopefully they will start to fatten up some.

GK99 Hydroponic

Changed the reservoir out this week. All parameters seem to be holding steady.

Container Experiment

Moved to main tent. There was an incident with a gnat sticky trap on one of the seedlings. Tore half the leaves off. I planted another seed thinking the first one was done but it held up and now I have to choose.