Gelato Auto Post Mortem

HGCC Gelato Auto

25 days old
3 gallon fabric pot
Sohum living soil base with light mix inner core
Plant was 1/3 of the size of others planted at same time, but was slowly growing.

Watered all 4 yesterday morning as front pots felt very light even though no leaves were drooping. I have 2 pots in a single garden flat and I did not lift the back pot containing this plant. So I watered 1/2 liter RO water per plant. Last night I noticed a slight drooping of the leaves on this plant with what appeared to be pale green to yellow color at the base of the top leaves. This morning severe drooping noticed so I decided to pull and investigate.

The top of the soil was dry down about 2 inches which is expected during bottom feed. But was heavily saturated at the root zone.

In general the root seem underdeveloped. Otherwise everything looked normal.

Checked pH in each pot. All same at 6.4.

I am thinking overwatering since it was smaller from the jump, drinking less water than her flatmate and there fore getting flooded when watering both as I just added water to the shared flat.

Any other thoughts are appreciated as I will chalk this up to shared flat and different water needs.

Individual pot saucers on order.

Top picture shows healthy flatmate in foreground with beginning drooping in background. This was yesterday afternoon after watering yesterday morning.

I’m no expert, but from the kink in the root, I’d speculate that the seed was planted with the taproot up instead of down so it had to execute a U-turn. Just a guess.


@Bushdoc good point I didn’t consider that. I tried to put seed point down in the cube. It may have flipped. I know the cube is not as soft as soil would be. I didn’t sprout them first. I like to live on the edge. :laughing:
I will make note to make the hole bigger.