Nutrient recipe Veg and Flower

Looking for nutrient recipes, compost tea recipes, organic or synthetic or combination for Veg and especially Flower.
Thanks in advance


@GreenThumb welcome to the forum. I use living soils and organic nutrients.

My easy tea recipes using Nature’s Living Soil amendment are for both veg and flower.

I use 3 tbsp Nature’s Living Soil, 1 tbsp earth juice hi-brix mfp, and 1 tbsp liquid kelp per gallon of distilled water. I aerate for 24 hours in bucket and then feed.

For flower I use the same up to late flower then I cut it back for the final feed. 2 tbsp Nature’s living soil, 1 tbsp molasses, and 1 tbsp liquid kelp per gallon then aerate for 24 hours.

I do compost teas once every 2 to 4 weeks between top dressing if needed.

If I mix my soil right though all I ever need to do is water seed to harvest with some micro boosters and enzymes.

My booster recipe is 1 tsp molasses, 1 tsp liquid kelp, 1 tsp cal mag, 1 tsp vegamatrix prime zyme, and 1 tsp of some mycho inoculates per gallon. Then I aerate for 24 to 48 hours before watering. This one is safe to use through the whole grow and I use it it every other to every watering starting in late veg.


@GreenThumb Welcome to the Forum! Like @MDBuds I create a living soil effect through mycorrhizae heavy teas as well as when I mix my soil initially I add mycorrhizae to the soil.

So I use Fox Farm Ocean Forest about 70% and about 20% of Fox Farm Happy Frog and 10% Earthworm Castings, 8% Bone / Blood Meal powder amendment, and 2% mycorrhizae.

For teas I use a base of Earthworm Castings, 2 cups for 5 gallons. I use powder bone meal or blood meal depending on flower or veg. Both I only add 1 tbsp to the tea bag. I add 2 tbsp of mycorrhizae. I add 1 tsp of HuMic Acid and 1 tsp of Fulvic Acid.

For the amendments I use to use the entire Bloom Yellow Bottles line but as of now I am currently swapping over to Homegrown Cannabis Co’s nutrient line they’ll be releasing. It’s fully organic. That’s all I use.

So my new formula will change and I’ll add it to this thread when I dial it in but for Bloom Yellow Bottles I do 1/4 of the recommended dose for early seedling / veg. I do 1/2 the recommended dose for vegetative phase to 3/4 the recommended dose late veg. Once my girls are flowering (Autoflowers) or I swap 12/12 (Photoperiods), I give full dose for all nutrients. My first feed after flower comes I do half and half of veg formula to flower formula, to allow any last minute development, stretching, or thickening for the flower stretch. About 2 weeks into flower I’m feeding full flower formulas.

On top of the full Bloom Yellow Bottles line I add Herculean Harvest, Bloom Khaos, and Aphrodite’s Extraction from Nectar of the Gods. As well as I add Neptune’s Harvest Fish and Seaweed Extract along with Terpinator. I do 1/4 cup of Herculean Harvest, 1 tsp of Bloom Khaos (yes it’s a foliar spray but I add it to the reservoir as an additional PK boost), and 2 tsp of Aphrodite’s Extraction. I do 1 full cup of Neptune’s Harvest Fish and Seaweed Extract and 125ml of Terpinator.

For the last 2 weeks of flower I flush my plants with water I keep aerated (5 gallon reservoir like my compost tea) that I put 1 tbsp of mycorrhizae inside of along with 2 tsp of Aphrodite’s Extraction and 125ml of Terpinator. I run this water all the way until harvest. I always push 3 times the amount of water through my grow medium, for example my Jack Herer “Hera” was in a 5 gallon grow pot so I put 15 gallons in total of flush water through her over 2 weeks.

I also top feed my soils throughout my grow. Any time I do any major trainings, defoliations, or transplants I always add mycorrhizae, earthworm castings, and bone or blood meal to the top of the soil and massage it in. This helps slow release NPK back into the my soil.

ONE MASSIVE KEY INGREDIENT TO ALL OF THIS IS ORGANIC UNSULPHURED BLACKSTRAP MOLASSES! I did substitute my molasses with Bloom Yellow Bottles SWTNR but you really need a heavy sugar for the microbial life to thrive and be able to actively consume carbs / sugars to excrete available nutrients.

COMPOST TEAS MUST HAVES - HuMic Acid, Fulvic Acid, Mycorrhizae, and Organic Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses (or a sugar of some form like molasses). These are ABSOLUTE MUST HAVES!

Base alternatives aside from Earthworm Castings - Since some people may live in an apartment like Mary Jane and I, and may not want to smell Poop Stew as we call it hahaha you can also use a base of Banana Peels and create a Banana Tea with all the same amendments. These Banana Teas are heavy in PK and are great for flowering. For vegging you’ll need to amend Calcium and Magnesium along with Nitrogen to makeup for the banana peels not having that much viable cal/mag and nitrogen.

ALWAYS HAVE CALCIUM AND MAGNESIUM ON HAND! I make my own DIY Cal/Mag using an Egg Shell Mixture that sits inside of Distilled White Wine Vinegar for 2 weeks turning Calcium Carbonate to Calcium Acetate. I then use Epsom Salts for a natural from of Magnesium. Dolomite is also an amazing form of Calcium. here is a video I have on how to make this at home Calcium mixture. I do 1 tsp per gallon of the Calcium and I do 1 tsp of Epsom Salts per gallon for Magnesium.

Using a nutrient line that is derived from ammonia byproducts will have some of the best effects for you root system, cellular development, and overall growth and development. Blood and Bone meals along with Fish, Kelp, Seaweed extracts or sea minerals will give you an immense amount of flavor profiles to help create more prominent terpenes as well as creating much more aromatic smells.

HuMic and Fulvic Acids are responsible for keeping your root system clean, healthy, and having a solid defense against any root disease or infection. They also help actively keep your roots clean and clear for osmosis to happen much more efficiently and effectively. HuMic and Fulvic Acids are key compounds in cellular wall development and really aid in overall growth and development of a cannabis plant.

CO2 is an absolute must have for an amendment in your garden, no you don’t add CO2 to teas but many cultivators seeking to learn teas think density comes from feeds. Density is directly related to CO2 and giving a CO2 amendment like TNB Naturals will allow your plants to open their stoma at a faster rate increasing the rate of transpiration, photosynthetic processes, and cellular wall development in bud structures which is how you obtain denser structures.

Much love and happy growing!


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