Nutrient deficiency?

These clones have been in pots for 5 days. When i put them in pots they were just showing root nubs on the stem. They had been i plain water with rooting hormone when they were cut. I was given 7 the other 5 yonger ones with no roots started all died the day after moving to my place. So i plantes these 2. They all looked dark green and healthy when i got them. They are in 3 in pots with ocian forest soil and a mars hydro tsl 2000 at 30 in. Temps are between 65 and 80. Leaves are starting to yellow like nitrogen deficiency. So i mixed a pinch of bat guano in 1/2 cup water and let set for 36 hours then tried a folier feed 24 hours ago since i figured the roots were not developed yet. Saw no improvement so watered with same mix 12 hours ago still no improvement. Seems to still be getting worse.
Am i on the right track here or all messed up?

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Here is the other one its a little greaner still.

light was set on minimum until today i turned it up to 35% a little while ago.

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Have you tried any calcium / magnesium or calmag. Foliage feeding is best for calcium and Mg. And you also have to go through all the steps…Ph, TDS /Ec, Yellowing can come from many reasons…too close to light, Iron, Nitrogen (doubt it if others are good and using ocean forest), sulfur, heat stress, incorrect ph, etc. The biggest indicator is that not ALL are having issue so something is different from plant 1 to plant 2. Process of elimination: Same soil, same feeding, same grow area (temp / humidity). Differences - are they same distance from light, try switch places, and lastly STRESS. Could just be stress, it happens. If this was clone, maybe put a dome on it for little while, do not water (over-watering). Last resort, put back in to water like you were cloning with some cloning substance (root gel, aloe Vera, cinnamon, or just plain clean water (filtered, distilled, etc)


Ok friends, need some guidance. What’s new lol

WW auto 55 days from sprout, she’s looking lighter green. Buds still stacking. Ph 6.2, 18/6, 73•/54%RH, lights 22". Fed nutrients today. Her trichomes are white, I see no amber on sugar leaves only pistils.

GDP - photo, more yellow leaves. I fed nutrients today & removed some lower fan leaves. Adjusted LST tied. She has flowers throughout

Help my babies out, yikes :grimacing::grimacing:


I rotate them every 12 hours. Seedlings under the same light are doing great. I have not tried cal mag yet.

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not needed on babies. You do not have to feed seedlings for 2/3 weeks. Just water. If you are in super soil, be careful as is easy to burn newbies. Cuttings / clones - will yellow out if too much water. Poke holes softly in soil with pencil eraser


Cool that is probably all it is with the clones. I showed the seedling for color comparison being as they are under the same light. I have not gave her anything but water so far. Planted seed in peat pot 5 days ago and moved it into bigger pot yesterday. Not planning on feeding it at all until after it is in 5 gallon bucket.

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@adcrag Your White Widow is looking awesome!!

I don’t know, this is how she looked today. I fed nutrients. She’s 8.5 wks old. Don’t know if she looks this way cuz it almost harvest time. Trichomes are white, not cloudy or amber.



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They are trying to make roots right now and get used to new bright lights and an entirely new environment so they may look crappy for a few days. They also just got switched from water into a buffered soil. It does sometimes shock a plant and it can take a few days for them to come around. It can also take time for water roots to transition over. They are more fragile than terrestrial roots.

I run as TS1000. 30" may be a little close for clones. I do 34-36" but it also has a dimmer so that is flexible.

Don’t over or underwater and watch them closely.

I do have a question about your temps. 65°? Is that at lights out? That’s cold for babies. Mag uptake stops right around they temp. That’s probably your air temp and not your soil temp either which is probably a few degrees cooler than that. I would really try to get those temps up and stable. If your rh is low, work on that too. Consult a VPD ( vapor pressure deficit) chart. Your plants will transpire, process their nutes and grow easier.

I think the temps are where you should start.


Are you feeding full strength nutrients?

@Darkheart420 65 is the lowest it has been. It stays around 75 80 mostly running 24 hour light right now since i dont have a timer in that room yet. I don’t have a hydrometer yet they are on order. RH seems pretty high though being as nothing is drying out fast. Light is a mars hydro tsl 2000 at 30 in that has been set on min setting. Just turned it up today to 35 %.


I will look up that VPD and see what that is about.

@Darkheart420 Wow just when I thought I was figuring things out. And i thought i just needed a hydrometer, dehumidifier and humidifier.

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Sorry. Missed the that you had it set low.
I must have some reading fatigue.
I’ve been troubleshooting plants for about 8 hours now.
In that case I might worry about not enough light. I thought you were at 100% prior to this.
Slowly increase it and watch them. They need enough light to process water and nutes.

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I turned up to 35 % today. Will probably go 50 , 70, 90, 100 over 4 days. I had it turned down for the gelato sprouts but think i wjust shade them if needed.

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How many forums do you contribute to Darkheart?

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I’m on IG and a few cannabis forums.
One forum I’m on is for aquatic plants and fish.

If you are increasing slowly and are at the correct distance the sprouts should be fine.
Follow your manufacturers instructions for the light. They give a nice par map based on hanging distance.

Yes, I fed really well yesterday. @MDBuds suggested misting with cal-mag eith lights off. So they had 6 hours of darkness.

WW-Auto 8.5 weeks old.

GDP - Photo no new yellow leaves. My pic file to lg. to upload.

Thanks. Have a great Sunday

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@Adcrag the yellowing leaves on your WW are just a sign that the nutrients are going to the flower and that the plant isn’t trying to keep the lower foliage alive. This is natural and usually happens around this time in flowering before the buds fill out and get super sticky.

The Grandaddy purple yellowing is just from having lots of foliage so the leaves on the inside aren’t getting very much light and nutrients are being focused on leaves that are getting more light. An LST adjustment and some pruning will fix that right up. Doesn’t appear to be a nutrient issue as it would effect all new growth not just a few leaves on the inside of the plant.

Happy growing. :v::call_me_hand::metal:

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