Newbie to this Forum

Hi All! Although I’m new to this forum, I’ve been growing for a bit over 2 years. Trying to post some pics of my last grow but can’t get pics to attach/paste. Any help would be appreciated…

Something I can’t find (if there is one) is a “help” page on how to use the forum as well as where to get help, etc on the forum itself.

Once I get comfortable with forum usage, I hope to participate regularly.

Thanks for a great site - just finding some useful items and hope to impart my knowledge as well.


Hi @Bill, welcome! When you hit reply to a topic click this button to upload a pic.

Also, generally using this forum I just search (magnifying icon top right) for specific topics if I have a question. Or I just sort by new to see what people are talking about today. Hope this helps, and good luck growing!

Also, also, The Homegrown Community Forum this is a post that has links to others


Welcome to the forum @Bill. Glad you found us. As mentioned the uparrow at bottom right of reply screen will allow you to add photos.


As a newbie @ it only lets you upload one picture on the 1st day I believe something like that and then the more you participate the more photos it will let you upload just FYI


Welcome to the forum @Bill

Good to have another enthusiast here!

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Thanks everyone for the help and welcome!

I’m strictly an indoor grower using tents and full spectrum LED lighting. Seeds are from some Jamaican sativa I brought back from my last trip there and the large buds are my own strain called “Jamookies”, which is a cross between the Jamaican sativa and some GSC seeds I got out of some bud I purchased. Just started some White Widow and Purple Kush about 2 weeks ago - will send pics as things progress…

Here are some pics from my last grow:


Great results @Bill! Tremendous buds! :+1:

I see you like a little Pink Floyd too…


Yep! I’m a bit of an old hippie and Floyd was always my favorite. Saw them live 4 times!

Here’s the “rest of the story” (my back and other arm)…


I still listen to Floyd all the time


So cool!!! And I see you listen to them properly - on vinyl!!

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I am a newbie to this forum also. Just finishing my first grow. They are drying now!!


Show us some pics @DP69. Theres a show your homegrown thread or start one for your plants. Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the forum @DP69!

We’d love to see your grow :+1:

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Welcome @DP69!! We’re glad you found us! We’d love to see pics.


Here are 2 shots about midway through flower. 1 good shot of the bud to see if it was ready to chop! tThe last is them hanging to dry. I am growing in a spare shower stall! Makes it really nice for run off when watering and flushing the plants!!


@Bill :heart: It!!! Welcome to the forum!


Welcome everyone who’s new to the forum! These bud shots are beautiful and it’s refreshing seeing such awesome novice grows! Keep slaying everyone and tag @Kronic if you ever need to ask me anything! Much Love and Happy Growing <3

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Lol I wondered why I can upload more pictures

my white widow is getting LST y’all.

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