Newbie having unknown issues

Hey guys new here not sure if this is even the right way to ask a question. Anyways, plants are outdoor in 7 gallon pots. Were growing fantastic up until about 2 weeks ago. Small holes developed on existing and new growth. Looks like bugs used insecticidal soap a few times hasnt seems to curb the issue. Now finding the tips of my leaves old and new growth looking like nutrient burn I’ve been flushing straight water since I noticed but it’s seems to be getting worse. Any help would be appreciated!!


Hi Nick!

Nice to meet you!! What are you growing, in case someone asks? Have you scoped the underside of the leaves? I am indoor, so I’m not the best one to answer, but I didn’t want you to feel ignored. @MDBuds @Mrb53004 @CkNugz @Daddy1971 @HippiePa what do y’all think?

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Hey thanks!! 3 plants 2 different strains both indica one is grand Daddy purple x gelato and the other is grand Daddy purple x another indica. Feminized seeds ph on all 3 are between 5.5-6.5

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And yes checked underneath the fan leaves and on the stock where new growth for bugs. Have seen aphids sprayed them pretty good but the holes seem to be progressing no clue if it’s bugs now or deficiencies? No idea so new at this lol


Sure looks like a bug issue.
Welcome to the best grow forum around. One of these mad scientists can help for sure.

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As for the brown tips I would only guess and ask what your watering schedule and style is?
Again… much more informed people than me here.

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What area are you in? Have you checked with Dept of Ag site for your area? Just curious as that’s what I did for my outside plants to see what’s hanging about. I want to say leaf miners, but they usually leave tracks. Any evidence of ants?

Ontario Canada. It could be ants. Havnt seen any around them. Doesn’t seem the like the insecticidal soap does anything at all. Thought maybe the spray is what caused the tips to burn? I don’t know

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Twice a week once with nutrients once water

How long did you treat? Most of those things take 10-20 days to hatch/lay/die/start over.

See the white flecks? Also the lower leaves show more evidence of trails, but like I said, I’m not outside yet with cannabis.

I’ll post a few more pics

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I’m slow as molasses today and I’m going to blame it on the shot I received.

Did you spray during daylight hours?

No I sprayed at dusk.

I’m tapping out. Hahaha! :rofl::v:

Please wait for those with more knowledge than me. I appreciate your patience!

:joy::joy: all good thanks for your help!!

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You’re welcome! :star_struck: Inserting more words to post.

@Newbie101 looks like you have yourself some caterpillars. They live in the soil as larvae and most insecticidal soaps won’t work on them unless it’s direct contact.

I’d suggest a pepper oil/garlic oil foliar spray to treat the leaves and some diatomaceous Earth on the top soil around the base of your plants.

Continue spraying once a week and reapply the diatomaceous Earth after every watering.

Once they are under control you can stop using the diatomaceous earth and continue using the sprays as preventatives so they don’t come back. Gypsy moths like to lay their eggs and overwinter in mulch/wood debris and it looks like you have a fair amount of wood content in your soil.

Another thing that helps to prevent the return of caterpillars and gypsy moths other than garlic oil and pepper oil sprays is essential oils or companion plants.

Rosemary, mint, thyme, lavender, lemon, cloves, ginseng, eucalyptus, etc…


Wow ok cool thanks I’ll def look into that today !! I’m worried they are gonna die on me they were so healthy 2 weeks ago. Would the caterpillars eating the leaves make the tips burnt as well?