Newbie Deelite auto

Hi all -

First time posting. My plant is 35 days in. I feel like it’s doing well. It’s in 36x36x60 grow tent. Just one this time as I’m trying to go through one grow. I’ve already transplanted to it’s final 5 gallon home. I have it in a Michigan made mix and adding some bullfrog for nutes. I water everyday but not sure how much I should be watering. It’s basically a liter a day. I’m going 24/7 for lights. A friend of mine said it’s not necessary to adjust for light for Autos but not entirely sure I agree based on my research. Love to get anyone’s feedback as this is the first time I’ve tried growing.

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A liter of water a day!?? Dude, for one plant that young is way too much water. When you feed it you want it to go dry and get all the water and nutes. It promotes more root growth as they search for all water. If you’re not letting it take in all the water, you are just putting fresh water on stagnant water. NOT GOOD
You should start with a 2 or 3 gallon pot too. And autos DO NOT need to be transplanted. After germination, put them in their final home.
Also, tell your friend he’s a moron. Your light and distance is essential to grow good flower. Or listen to your buddy, harvest it, and give it to him lol.
Good luck! Happy grows!

Also, that lady could use a good trimming. Lots of wasted energy going to leaves that aren’t going to do anything

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Thanks for the quick reply. I probably overstated the water. After checking, it’s about a cup of water. So are you suggesting that I shouldn’t go 24/7? There are a few people I talked to who said 24/7 is fine for autos. Is that not the case?

So the trimming part I’m worried about. How do I know which ones I should prune?

Lol, a cup is way different than a liter. That sounds more like it. With the time, I mean you can go 24/7 if you want. I don’t see much difference if any with a 18/6 schedule. I like to give the girls a little rest every day. It’s up to you. Also keep your strain in mind. For instance, if they like it cooler and less humid at night. Then a 18/6 schedule is perfect.

Yeah- the cup looked bigger than I thought. I’m growing photos next and I am likely going 18/6 to start. The current temp is 74 and humidity is around 60-65. The pruning is the part I’m scared about

Trimming can be overwhelming at first. Just start with one leaf and move around the plant. Any that are blocking light from others growing….
Never cut off more than a third of them. After you trim give them a feeding with some nutes and give them a few days to recover. I’ll trim about once a week or so as they need it. You should also use tie downs to get more light in, also makes trim easier.
Should look like this

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Awesome. Thanks for the reply. I have tied them down but like I said was afraid to prune. I didn’t know how long to tie them down for so I did it for a week and let it recover. Is this something I should do longer?

Keep them tied down till harvest. Your goal is to make a level canopy

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Only if you want bigger yields. Otherwise just let it go

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Please forgive the incessant messages….

Since this is an auto, should I assume that around week 5-6 I should see flowers? I’m saying that because Im a little beyond 5 weeks now. For the record, it is an indoor grow. W

No worries bro.
Yeah, at least you should start seeing them develop around week 2-5 depending on the strain

My ones up above are at 5.5 weeks if you want to compare. They are only about 14 inches though cause I like to keep a canopy

Those are 2 and 3 gallon buckets. I think you said you were using something huge?

They are 5 gallon. I started her in a 1 gallon pot and transplanted. I’ve trimmed some. Should I remove the big fan leaves near the top?

If they are shading good growth under them then yes

Three Magnum Autos in 1-10gallon, week 10 in the Books!! Keep growing keep expirementing!

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Wow! Great job, your making it happen over there. 3 in 1 great idea :yin_yang:

Sorry very new here and to growing. I have the Deelite auto. My question is, when do I know it’s shifting to flower? Was looking to drop the lighting to 18/6 (I’m 24/0 currently ) do I even need to do that? It’s an inside grow