New to RH Control

I live in a very dry climate, humidity right now is 15% and it is dry all year. I have been growing in a 5’x3’x2’ tent for a couple of years now but, obviously, at these RH levels my yield has always been low. I am germinating a Blue Cheese Auto as we speak and the recommended RH level is 50-55%. I am going to attempt to maintain the RH this grow. My humidifier is all setup. It is outside my tent and I have built a small enclosure around the humidifier and I just maintain about a 15 cubic foot space outside of the tent and use a small fan to draw it into the tent. What happens to my plant if the humidifier craps out and my RH levels drop from 55% to 15%. Will it shock the plant or will it just keep growing and have a lower yield? How big of a deal is it for me to rush and quickly get in and out of my tent each time I water, trim, etc. My humidifier is small, the RH levels will drop like a rock pretty quick as soon as I open up the tent. Thanks in advance.

Use some added moisture sources such as a shallow dish of water to evaporate. A short t8me won’t hurt, but too long in super dry conditions will kill leaves. Imagine dehydrating your lungs. You only do it once.