New grower looking for advice

Should I be doing something to this plant at this point or let it go longer. This is my first time doing this. I have the water at 5.3 - 6 PH and water 2 times a day.
Looking for help.


I am a beginner as well, but I have lots of other plants…watering twice daily ? I hope someone with more knowledge answers this because that seems like way too much…even though at this point it looks great!


@Doug808 Welcome to homegrown community! Looking good so far! Are you growing this plant outside it looks like? Watering twice daily is fine if you are watering in smaller amounts; just be sure that the soil never is watered too much where it seems muddy. Maybe trying upping the pH to between 6-6.8 if you can.

Also are you feeding any nutrients yet/how old is the plant?


Yes I would strive for a PH of 6.0-6.5, and it’s OK to water 2x daily, but don’t soak them. As they grow bigger, I would water far less frequently. Not sure what you’re using for soil, but depending on that, I’d water them every 3 days. I would let them ALMOST dry out, but not quite, and mine responded quite well. Growth took off, no wilting, and they seemed healthier. P.S. Mine was an INDOOR grow.


I also grow strictly indoors. Watering is always once per day but the timing varies as it’s all automated using pumps with timers. As the plants get bigger and need more water, the amount of watering time is increased as needed.

I use 1- and 2-gallon fabric pots - 2-gallon for plants from seed and 1-gallon for clones. Because the pots are smaller, watering and/or adding nutrients more frequently is a necessity as the plants grow.

This method works well for me because I grow multiple sets of plants at various stages, so the watering can be tailored to each grow. As for nutrients I keep it simple - twice a week they all get appropriate amounts/strengths of nutrients, with strength increasing as they get bigger.

The only thing I would adjust is making sure water and nutrient solutions are between 6 and 6.8 ph. High acidity can lock out nutrients and cause soil microbes to die off contributing to disease.

Watering twice daily isn’t a big deal if you do light waterings and you aren’t over watering the plant and leaching nutrients from the soil causing deficiencies.

Natural fluctuations in soil ph are ok though. Soil ph will fluctuate around healthy levels between 5.8 and 7 depending on microbial activity and nutrient levels. This is actually desirable because it makes different nutrients more bioavailable at different ph levels.

The only time ph of soil should be adjusted is if it drops to 5.5 or under or 7.5 or over because then nutrient lockouts start happening and beneficial soil microbes start dying off.


Thanks all for the advice. It’s been a few weeks now and everything is starting to look much healthier with the addition of nutrients.


Question…those plants are so small and yet they are starting to flower?!! Is this as big as auto flowering plants grow? I’m growing some auto flowering for the first time and not really sure what to expect.

Each strain is different as well as affected by specific grow environments but that’s about the typical height and age of most autos to start flowering. Here’s a link to my complete autoflower grow, with pics so you can see.

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Maybe bend it next time so all those side branches become new tops.

The leafs look wet. Are you getting them wet?

you realy don’t want to get the plant wet above ground.just the soil. Especially if it’s flowering

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