Neem oil?…;:;:tyuiop

Has anyone tried using neem oil? In a few months I come across like 5-6 tiny little bugs running around in the soil and the sides of my grow bags. I know that’s not many in a few months, but it pisses me off and I wanna have zero bugs

I use it, it works best if done near Sun set or lights out: don’t use during flowering! :yin_yang:

You actually spray it on the plants? Even with budding flowers? Or on the soil?

You mix with water add to atomizing sprayer and spray the plant under the leafs too DO NOT USE DURING FLOWERING STAGE :yin_yang:

This stuff comes in a sprayer already mixed and it says can be used up to harvest?

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Ok, do you bud wash your plants? There is a companion spray also more flower friendly.

This is what I got.
I’ve only had like 4-5 tiny little bugs, I haven’t seen any on the plants. I think they come from the soil or something

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Yeah same thing on the neem yours is just pre mixed. They say alternate my second is Potassium based again in a type of jelly looking mix with water and spray kills all kinds of pest organically.

i mix with water mix add to bottle sprayer. My only concern with using the Neem oil in Flower is it sticking and staying on the Bud

Agree… I would not use in flower. Really, at flower you should not be putting anything on your buds… maybe an occasional light humidity mist if its real hot and dry.

Let the top soil dry out a bit and spray the surface of the soil everyday with em5, clean all the trays/ pots / much covers and the floor… And especially bottom water feeders. And a couple sticky traps to catch the ones that try to escape. Do it a couple times a day and they will disappear. A fan circulating at floor level will help as well.

Better would be to grow autos in an earthobx with mulch cover… plenty of beneficial predator insects will dispose of them and anything they lay in the dirt.

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