Need help with a complicated situation

Hey guys, my plants are 42 days from seed, they are LA Confidential seeds i found in a bag.

I have very limited space and they are getting bigger and bigger, i was hoping to find a female amongst these 3 and then move her to a bigger pot so she will have the entire growing space for here.

As you can see in the pics things are getting crowded, any advice? I still cannot sex them, as far as i can see there are no signs yet.

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Ok so there are only 3 things that I know of that you can do…

  1. You can flip them all and kill off any males but that wouldn’t leave you with just one possibly.
  2. You can check out Farmer Freeman and send in a sample to be tested, but this can get expensive as I think it now runs 20 dollars a plant.
  3. You can also try cutting clones and you can flip the clones to check the sex. This would require less space but also would require another light/tent or something of that nature.

This is the best advice that I can give to you, maybe someone else who is further along in their studies could help you further but in my 2 1/4 years of growing I know no other ways. Good luck and happy growing!!

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Shutttt the lights off for 24 hours and then go back to ya normal u should see sex with the light being off

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It will show it sex shut the lights off 24 hours then take a look

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That sound like a very good idea! Will it go back to being vegetative after i turn the lights back on?

I fear it may be too early to switch.

Speaking of that, after i find out their sex when is it a good time to switch the light schedule for real?