Need help detecting a nute issue

Hi All. 6 weeks veg and some crisping and discoloring starting. All has been aces up until now.

Stephen Hawking CBD from seed (but starting to show now too on a GDP)
Coco Coir
Aurora Roots Dry amendments
Tap water PH to 6

I am hoping to identify the deficiency or surplus with your help. Thanks so much!

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That looks to me more like root issues than nutrient.

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THANK YOU! I just repotted them 10 days ago from 1/2 Gal to the 2 Gal they are in now. So, they are not rootbound. Any other ideas? And thanks again so much. I just can’t seen to get a coco grow to go successfully. Will continue the efforts!

Dang… did I over water? Le sigh.

I’d chime in more but I don’t know coco coir well. Maybe it’s inconsistent watering or not even that. Did you wash out the coco mix before use? Maybe there are residual salts locking up nutes and creating moisture imbalances. Like I said though I’ve never grow in mostly coco mix.

@danfullick check out bacterial wilt on the microbes, fungi, and bacteria feed on here

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what is the coco substrate - brand? Did you blend it, amend it? With no soil, they have to be watered at minimum once a day, more if your temps are up
Looks like transplant shock to me
what are the temps, rh and what are you feeding them?
If blank coco, sis you add cal, cal/mag?
Every brand of coco is different, some buffered, some not and the ph is off so they must be rinsed
gotta look deeper to see what is going on but address 1 issue at a time
1st - let them get over stress from transplant - that alone is a 7-10 days journey

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Thanks Mike. I am using Aurora Coco that was rinsed. I do run temps a little higher than ideal due to my climate. I hit them with the Cal Mag and three days later the death has stopped and they look much better. I had similar issues in a previous grow and I may have misdiagnosed that issue or blamed only a faulty PH pen. To summarize… Cal Mag appears to have solved the issue. Thanks all that checked out this post and helped out.

??? Am I seeing :eyes: wrong or does it only have 3 leaves?

starting the fourth week of flowering, the big leaves have some deficiencies that I can’t get right and it starts to affect the ones next to the buds. may be due to the excess of heads?small vase? I’ve been told about heat too. what does it look like to you? I’m using a live soil, I put a cover of azemite and bokashi, in my watering I include bio Grow, Bio heaven, top max, Alc A Mic and molasses. the temperature is between 29 degrees Celsius during the day and 20 degrees at night. 45% relative humidity