Mystery browning, loss of color, decreased H2O uptake

HI Gurus,

You guys helped me out of a jam back in April and my fully recovered. Thanks again! I gave the plants an extra long veg to recover and am now into week 6 of flower.

Aurora Organic Dry Release
Water PH to 6.5 during flower (was 6 during veg)
Average Temp in tent 82 (A little high, I know)
Average RH in tent 75 (I know… too high, I am in Hawaii, what can I tell you?)

Right after week 4 I top dressed with bloom and worm castings and cal mag and also did some lollipopping. A few days after, all the color fell evenly out of this White Rhino and it was visibly lighter in color than the rest and its water uptake went WAY DOWN. Then random browning of tips and “papering” of leaves started up an down the plant. It was not localized in the top, mid or bottom portions.

I took her outside. Fed her N two weeks later and trimmed all the browning leaves. The issue is persisting and is now affecting two other plants in the tent.

See leaf samples from the newly affected plants. Again, this is happening in all over plant #2 and just starting in random places on tent #3.

I see no signs of fungus gnats or other pests.

For what it is worth, there as a Mendo Breath in the beginning of this grow and the tent got too crowded so I took her outside to flower about a month before I flipped the indoors to flower. She finished up beautifully with none of these issues.

Thanks for giving this a look.

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I would flush, get the rh down and feed kelp and cal/mag a couple days after a flush or two. More P and K. Yes, nitrogen is still needed, but in small doses which most flower time nutes have. It is common for leaves to yellow naturally. It is not common for them to wilt and become frail. Good luck and happy growing. Also, cannabis takes in less water during flower than when in veg.


Thanks again Jram. I think I solved the puzzle… PH Pen was off by 1 point! My water was going in at 5.2-5.5 instead of 6.2-6.5. Going to calibrate, test, flush, water and feed. Will report back. Cheers all!