My tops are growing back

the nubs were real short after i topped them. So far i have these 2 and a possible other. I scared myself out of LST for the gelatos. They are growing pretty fast and dont seem to mind the tooping.


That plant looks good. The new tops look like they are an example out of a text book. Looks like you may even get 3.

It’s pretty safe to top. I have run hundreds of strains and only once did I find a plant that hated topping. It was an old watermelon strain from TGA name Astroboy and it just stopped growing. Outdoor full sun. The whole 10pack would not vegetate anymore after topping. Never had it happen since.


Thats my big fear whenever i top‚Ķ its just gonna stop growing and die. ThanksūüėÄ ann bolyn would be so jealous

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This happens when i use my fingernails


the same as FIMMING…you know what FIM stands for?
F__K I Missed…
topping / fimming
Auto flowers are sensitive and each strain can be even more sensitive to stress. I only perform on certain strains
Photo periods…Much more resilient but again, stress can stunt growth but in veg mode, you can usually rebound as there is no limit to how long they stay in veg
When I do top or fim, any genus, I only do it to 1 tip/top…nothing else, no defoliation, no training, bending, breaking, chiropractics…nothing. You wait for rebound before you do anything else


:laughing:my fimming is adding 3 days more to recovery i notice.