My plant is getting way to big!

Hey guys, how would you deal with this situation? I have a small tent so i decided to go with just one plant, but i gave her a very big pot which she seems to really dig, lol.

I have no more space to maneuver on the top, should i just let her be? I thought about cutting the top a bit but there are so many flowers in there!

I had the same problem on my 1st grow. Ended up buying a taller tent and transferred the plant to the new tent. I did get some light burn on the top cola.

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If there is no bottom in the tent, raise the tent.

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Good idea, but mine has a bottom :frowning:

A good problem to have. Way better than no growth. Maybe tug her top over to a wall being careful not to pull to far at once. Ask how I know lol. Tighten a little each day. Just what I would do.


I thought about exactly that, but i am afraid of pulling too much and damaging the plant, there are LOTS of flowers on the top branches!

I think i will wait for signs of light burn, and if that happens i will start bending, but yeah, good problem to have!


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I tied mine back to itself . It’s an auto flower . I’m sure a photo period plant could handle way more stress.


Nice i will do that.

Btw, my plant has more leafs than i see in your pic. Is it a good practice to remove all of the leafs by this stage? Maybe leave just the ones with flowers in their respective branches?

It looks like a nice healthy plant , if it were mine I’d pluck some of the bigger leaves down toward the bottom. But just the ones that are blocking lower bud sites , they say never take more than a third of your fan leaves off at a time . By taking off some of your lower bigger leaves your opening up air space between the branches , it’ll help later on when your plant really kicks in. My plants are on their last few days of growth , I’ve been pulling off yellow leaves that the plant didn’t need.
As far as your light problem goes at this point I’d definitely be pulling the top towards that far right corner a little at a time . Once you get her growing that way start pulling the tie down on the pole a few inches every other day or so . That will bring the top down and all the side branches up that way should really kick in and you’ll end up with bigger buds. Or how about moving your light to the left and undoing one side of the hanger so your light hangs side ways in the tent instead of over the plant. If you do that you’ll have to rotate your plant at least once a day . Another option would be to cut the bottom of the tent enough to pull it up around the planter or just cut it right out leaving enough to duct tape it back together for your next run .