My first grow. Plz help


Is this normal for the leaves to curl in first picture. And why in the second picture do my leaves look like that?

Hi @DDDDave!

Looks like your soil might be too hot, in my opinion. What is your medium and what’s your pheno?

Fox Farm OF. It’s an autoflower.

I just tried ffof, it burns when it’s a seedling but just dome it until it’s a bit bigger n ur good, but urs actually look fine, and the little curls on the leaves I, myself, tend to ignore little stuff like that and it usually works itself out, now if ur leaves change colors or are all together droopy or something like that then u wanna worry lol I see myself in u man and my first grow and freaking out over everything lol


What strain is it, man

That definitely happens with autos . ! my seconddid it to me !


All of those leaves right there ull hopefully cut off the plant anyway when it gets a bit older

My weirdo is bushy as hell now! mutations are awesome!

What ya growing brother?

currently working on Red poison and Blueberry Bliss auto. Weird genes in these as they were gifted seeds from a buddy. but had to try them. I like the exotic looking stuff

Are you cultivating anything ? If so, how do you like being able to grow your own medicine?

I’d love to try Dr. Grinspoon myself.

she was twisted now she’s thick

Yea I have a baby gsc and also one in flower, and a gold leaf autoflower

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Yea man, they always seem to grow out of genetic deformities…eventually lol

just takes some time. I kinda lst’d this one. Im still learning.

Are her stems purple? What strain? Oh man, I guess I should tell you how good they look.
Can’t wait to watch her grow

@Eggs. Candy Cream. And thank all you guys that constantly give help, info. to others. I’ve been cramming every day on here. Keep up the great work.

Autoflowers are weird. You’ll get all kinds of mutations, especially of the leaves. Your girls look fine to me. Keep us posted.

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Do you think my ladies are on lock out? I use tap water from my well. PH is 7.6. I lower it with PH down. Ppm is 400. Any thoughts.