My buds are breaking the stems

I’m growing two Bruce Banner autos in hydro. They are at the end of week 11, and have been doing great. Today when I checked on them a bunch had fallen over and were drooping on the top of the hydro tank. The buds appear to be too heavy for the stems to support. The trichomes are starting to get cloudy, no amber at all. pH is 5.8-6.0, TDS is 775ppm, room is 75 degrees, 58% RH. 18 hours of light from a 1,000 Varaspector light that was 12" above the top cola till they fell. The plants were getting close to the light and stopped at about 12" away.

My question is: I’m concerned that the buds all being clumped together could grow mold and ruin the whole crop. Should I harvest now and save them or try cutting off the broken stems and try tying up the rest for another week or two?

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Got a pic of the situation?

I would tie them up, supporting them any way you can.

Black tape always worked for me.