My 2nd Grow 2/10/2021

Look at Gelato in blue circle.


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I cannot really see yellowing of the leaves. I do see a few yellowed out leaves at the base of the plant but that is normal. To my view, the color of your plants looks fine. The condition is a little suspect…droopy, not as perky as it should be. Have you let it dry our then water? Appears to be over watered from my end but that is hard to tell from a pic.

Actually they are due for watering. Will keep ya posted. Happy growing

Today my girls look healthy. OGK A 9 wks. Her buds & trichs are exploding, still looks cloudy white; no amber yet. Going to let her go & see where she goes!!

Lil JCK has pistils. Coming allong!!

Always open to ya’lls thoughts.

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Could my OGK Auto be ready to harvest? Sprouted 2/10

Thoughts & happy growing

Well Lady OGK is heading for home!! Put in 48 hours of darkness 4/25.

Can’t wait to smoke!!


Hi canabis gurus, my Gelato P , 12 wks, is yellowing!! Would love some input @MDBuds , @Mrb53004 and/or @Rye . Thanks

Hope all is well and safe in your neck of the woods

@Adcrag as far as I can see it looks healthy. Bottom is green and new growth is green. You may have had a deficiency and some lock out a few weeks back but it looks like it’s already corrected. Just keep watching the new growth and monitoring everything. If it gets worse or spreads take a few more photos. One or two close up on the leaves, a few of the meristem and branches, and a few profile and top photos. It makes it easier if you can see the whole plant.


Thanks @MDBuds , this morning
i gave Ph’d water with cal-mag & removed some yellowing leaves. Also adjusted LST ties.

My lil JCK - A 12 wks is begging to amber pistils with cloudy trichomes. Waiting for her to blow up!!
I wish everyone a Blessed Sunday. Stay well stay safe.


I was wanting to show you guys my new tie down useing string locks

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That looks cool. I have a Sea Buckthorn that is getting crazy, perhaps I will try that. Did you design it yourself?

Yea im always trying to make it easy on they self

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