My 2nd Grow 2/10/2021

Well meet Gelato Fem/Photo I’ve named her Winter. Look at Winter’s tap root after only 10 hours in papertowel after soaking 36 hours.

She’s in the tent​:heart::+1:t4::heart::+1:t4:

I’ll be dropping my two auto when there tap roots sprout.


I love that you are back and I can look at someone else’s grow! :heart_eyes:


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Watch the water in the humidifier. I’ve had issues with those style growing algae due to the light.

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2nd seed sprouted tap root. Meet Crystal shes a HGC OG Kush auto!!

And her roommate Winter photo has sprouted above the soil​:+1:t4::clap::+1:t4::heart:


I have SF 2000 what % of light should I have it set to. Tent environment light cycle 18/6, 70 - 74° & rh 60-65%.


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get the RH higher for seedlings, like 70-80 even
temp is good 75-80
light - start at 30% AT 20-24"…RAISE dimmer 5% every 3rd day till 45%…Light can go from 18-24" and up to 50% when you reach3/4 nodes. Then they are ready / tempered to veg out and reach 70% dimmer until flower…then up and up to 90-100%, rh comes down at every stage the dimmer goes up


So I got my heat & humidity up. My temp/humidity controller is working well.

Day 2 of Winter Gelato Fem photo:

Still waiting for OG Kush to break ground:
Happy growing all


OG Kush 2/13 has SPROUTED!!

Waiting on Bubblegum auto still.


So Winter (OG Kush Auto) & Crystal (Gelato Fem Photo) are doing a little stretching. Should I drop the light or increase light intensity. Both girls are under humidity cup domes.


Thanks & stay warm

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If it was me, I’d drop the lights, but I know others have their ways. My thought process: it’s hard enough growing (think newborns here) as it is, all that growth to my moving parts and now you want me to stretch, too? :wink: Thank you for your patience with me. :v:t2:

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DROP the lights…keep the power level low until you get to that vegging stage

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:clap::clap:thanks my PEEPS. I knew yald help me out

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Is that how y’all say it up your way? RE: “yald” I love all the changes in dialect we all go through depending on what state we are in.

Lol, you know I’ve lived all around the east coast & like ya’ll words. Silly but true

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Above D.C., they don’t typically use our words. I was surprised to hear “y’all” come out of a person from MO when I was younger. I’ll also never forget being made fun of when I went to visit my friend in PA and all her friends looked at me like I was from another planet. Teen years; Sounds better than “youzguyz” to me. :wink:

Ok, my girls are doing good. Not sure when to transplant my Gelato Fem Photo into her 5 gal fabric black pot. Both are still under clear cup domes.

When I do transplant should I drop he stem lower, since she stretched a bit??

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Based on my experience, it’s best to transfer her to a 1 or 3 gal so she doesn’t dive into the deep end of the pool first thing. If you put her in the deep end from the cup, she’ll hyperfocus on filling her container first. Of course, others will have their ways, but I’d go 1 gal first, get her vegged out a bit first, then 3 gal, then 5, if you choose. She looks nice and healthy.

you can grow her for at least 2-3 more weeks in this container, then transplant
I agree with KMAC about smaller containers but others like to go right to the HOME container right after seedling. What you have to watch, if you do that, is to not overwater…Do not water a 5 gal pail for a 1 oz girl…comprende? Sabe…or sabe nada

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Agreed. This is harder to NOT do than people think. At least, in my case. Haha!