Music/talking to plants

So how many of you fine people play music or talk to your plants? I make it a point to touch and talk to each of my plants every day, usually its immediately after my morning shower. I also play music for them for at least an hour a day.

I do the same for our vegetable garden, after I finish up indoors I go out to the raised beds and say good morning to everyone. I swear that I get a tingling sensation when I’m touching my tomatoes and interacting with them.

So who else treats their baby’s like babys?


I actually play music to my plants, as my music studio doubles as my grow room for 5 months a year!


Plants seem to thrive with music in the room


I tried to post earlier, but I’m still trying to figure or how this works. I sing to mine every time I’m in there.

I’m no professional, but they don’t seem to mind. Fingers crossed this works, only posting one to test.

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There are several studies you can go read about this subject. Some over 100 years old. Talking to, playing music, touching, all make plants grow. Just as happy cows produce more milk, happy plants are bigger and stronger.


I’m sort of bummed I didn’t get notified of your comment sooner, however, messages always arrive when they are supposed to.

Touch, talk, taste, smell, hearing, sensing… all five senses are always required of us. To be deficit in one is an imbalance in another area but it can also become your greatest strength. It’s always fun walking that tightrope though. Some have more challenges than most, just depends on what the lesson is, I guess.


My tent grow that I just harvested got tons of attention and talking to. Mainly because I tend to mutter as I work. Then I would put a little bluetooth speaker in the tent while worked in that room and played a reggae channel from Spotify. I had read that it is the vibrations that they like and interestingly enough, death metal music seemed to work the best. Mine will just have to be used to Bob Marley as I am not much of a death metal fan. I figured the talking to them is me emitting CO2. My husband always says if he can’t find me, look in the tent! But spending so much time with them meant I caught any potential problem early and was able to resolve it.


:smile: my plants seem to be always waiting for me. occasionally every plant gets a Treat. each week to ten days i put 2 Drops of Parakeet Vitamins for aminos acid and electrolites. everything i grow is super sticky and a Goodmorning with a smile is good for all life

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@Brokenwretch i bought Gorilla Glue #4 Fem. from HGCC (12 Seeds on a 2 for 1 or 24 total seeds) Heavy Buds and even the stems and limbs were sticky. look around the forum and see just how sticky every prime bud has been during harvest

i shuda posted before i smoked that piece of bud :boom: :dizzy_face::boom:

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I tell my girls good morning every morning. I do open the door make sure everybody’s alright. The 1st thing I do after I get out of bed before I go anywhere else is I go straight to the girl’s Room to check on them and tell them good morning and ask them how they wereThru the night. In check and make sure all the lights are on the backup battery is fully charged and the fan is running and of course I stroke the girl’s a little bit And tell them I love them!


I play music for my plants too. Aside from just enjoying playing my guitar for the best audience in the world I truly believe it helps them.

I have read numerous studies that say the vibrations and frequencies help cell growth in cannabis and the best music to use is music with stringed instruments. Classical being the most effective, celtic folk or other stringed folk music being second, and symphonic heavy metal being the third most beneficial. Sorry for those that like hip/hop and r&b but your plants don’t like it.

Another common theme in these studies was how it’s best to do it in the morning as they wake up when the sun is rising. For indoor growers this is when the lights turn on. They speculate that it mimics the harmonious sound of birds and animals waking in the morning and that it makes them wake up happy and full of energy.

I’ve also heard of growers having great success using nature sounds for a few minutes every morning.

Also, please always be nice to your plants. Mean words and yelling can actually stress them out. They don’t like the negative vibes.

Happy growing. :v::metal::call_me_hand:


I have heard so many different opinions about this topic. But honestly. I dont play music for them.