More pics of my

Zskittles auto doing fantastic!! She stretched out pretty good in the beginning but is filling out nicely. Anyone have ANY suggestions or criticism for a first-time-in-long-time grower? :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


I think we got good lookers here. Your lighting makes it appear like you are short on calmag but pic 2&3 show good color. My Zskittles are a couple weeks behind yours. If you would have topped / fimmed when they were younger, you would have more tops / buds. Otherwise, like riding a bike!

Just a question here from a first time grower but dose he need more bud sites?
To my uneducated eye that seems like it will make a sweet load of bud.
Dose topping and fimming necessarily mean more bud?

yes it does. All forms of stress training early on result in increased buds, bud size and potency. Training should start at an early stage, like node 4 /5 and slow down when it goes to flower. After flowering starts, I usually on schazz (remove excess large fan leaves)

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Ok help me here please becuse i am really slow picking up a new concept.
To me the above plant looks really open and all the buds should get good light. Not saying with proper training it could not get better exposure.
Is the topping and fimming of the plant earlier although adding more bud sights going to add more oz to the harvest or just give more smaller buds?
Is the higher thc levels becuse you can put the lights closer being as all the buds are at close to the same height?

Exposure is not the issue here and is the issue here. By topping, 1 main stem becomes 2, 2 become 4. Pretty much same for fimmimg. LST low stress, bends the branches to insure exposure. By growing horizontally rather than vertically, more exposure = more buds. The LST stresses the plant which increases potency. When a plant gets damaged, it send extra nutriments, hormones and enzymes to the damaged area. Plants, by nature, send all the best stuff to the top of the main stem. By topping / fimming, we create more tops, ergo more buds, more hormones, basically the plant is producing more of its genetic compounds it is known for. When we tied down those branches, the sub-nodes on those branches take on main stem properties,ergo - more tops - more more everything. Schwazzing (remove UN-necessary leaves = more nutrition, hormones and enzymes to the buds.
results - MORE OZ to the harvest, with better quality, better buds.
On this site is a user Kronic, look him up and check out some of his youtube videos

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Cool you hit the points i was having trouble grasping. I have heard so many people make the suggestions you made in your first response but this is the firts time i understand more than one reason why people are suggesting it.

@Savage Mike

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Hello Ian AA rockie to grow it is me firat time to start a plant.

I need help of some body van tell me if that are boy ord girl. Ort are that to erly?? End come Whit tips to me what i need to do whit me plant. Thank you evry one :pray::blush: I’am from Sweden :blush::blush:


Hello i need tips pleas​:blush::pray:
End i wounder if this is a she or he😂
This is me first plant I Growing :blush:
It’s a Cinderella.

pleas coment IF you se something i most do.
I are happy for evry tips igot. End I’am from Sweden any way :blush:
Have aa nice day evry body :pray::blush::heart:

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Looks good and healthy. Nice plant you have growing there.

still a little to young to tell from the photo’s. Wait a week, you will know. What is the strain? Auto or Photo period?

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything and so I’m on a whole different set of girls now😎. A few Skunk #1, G.D.M, a few Cheese, something lite🙃. I have a KingLed 4000 watt led coming Friday, I can’t wait! They’re all photos in Fox Farm, ProMix and a coco combination. As soon as I sex them I’ll put them into 5 gallon cloth pots and keep it moving!

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