Mixing Nutrients Plant powerups

Okay, I’m a newby here. I’m sure I’m missing it or just can’t find instruction on how to actually mix the Nutrients I recieved yesterday. My 2 Gorilla Glue #4 plants have sprouted and at 6 days old are begining their second set of leaves. I think it’s time to give them something other than water now. No instructions came with the “Standard 3 stage Nutrient Pack”. The seedling pack reads “usage: 0.5g/L”. Does that mean 0.5 grams to a liter of water? It sounds stupid as I read this, I just don’t want to screw up my first grow. Right now they are in cups looking great, I will put them in 5 gal buckets and move outside when the time is right.

Can someone point me to a mixing tutorial?

Thank you Brothers and Sisters.


@Woodrat not for certain wich “Standard 3 stage Nutrient Pack” youd be referring too but seeds that young should have all they need. What growing media are you using? That will make a difference as well as most “hot” pre mixed soils have what the plants need for a good bit but like coco they only get what you add. About week two ill add a little flower nutes but very light. Just Ph water should still be fine. And yes that would mean .5 g per liter of water for the mix. Sure the more knowledgeable folks will chime in soon though… happy growing and welcome!


That’s how I read the instruct. All my mentors said to wait 30 days before feeding (I run autos in soil - FFHF+FFOF+Pearlite). And then they suggested using 50% of the recommended mix. So, .25 grams/liter.

I had to write out a chart of dilutions – so I wouldn’t screw up. I did 2 liters, 5 L and 12 L (wrote out amounts for all nutes). For instance: 2L = .5 grams of X nutes (and I changed everything from grams to tsps)


standard nutrients pack The HomeGrown brand. It ha stage 1, 2, and 3 packages. I’ll stay straight water until they look like they need something. They are in plain organic potting soil, no booster stuff.

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Woodrat the newbie

Are you referring to the HGC nutes?
DO NOT USE THEM ON YOUR SEEDLINGS, or even vegging autos.

They have killed or stunted every plant I used them on.
HGC seeds are good, the nutes not so much.

Also, no nutes needed for 2-3 weeks at least,in soil


This is what I used. I didn’t start feeding til four or five weeks (good or bad). I really didn’t use seedling because when I hit the month ceiling, my plants were already getting some flowers. @MDBuds is so knowledgeable – maybe he can say if/when seedling nutes might be used.

@sjk has experience, per his comment above. Also – only use at 30-50% strength when you do start. I started at 30%, then boosted to 50 when the plants seemed to need more (yellowing leaves too early in the grow for autumn color). @sjk – what nutes are you using now? Did you quit the standard HGCC?


Using Ocean Forest dirt, so not much in the way of nutes.
Dyna-Gro Bloom and Fox Farms Big Bloom at half strength, once a week or so.

So much to learn!!

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Yep – you’re doing about what I’m doing. I use a mix of FFHF+FFOF+Pearlite. I am using the Plant Boost and Flowertime right now, which are probably about the same as what you’re feeding. I was feeding weekly (all plants the same day) until this week, when some of my plants went AWOL and started growing like maniacs and showing a need for more nutes. Now, I’ve learned it’s better “for me” to look at each plant each day and make decisions.


@Woodrat yes it is .5 grams per liter of water. Before you feed the seedling booster first I need to know what you started the seeds in.

Did you use peat, coco, amended peat, amended coco, seed starting soil, or potting soil?


germinated in paper towel. planted in organic garden soil, no additives. They are one week in the dirt and looking good. I’m going to hold off the nutrients, as people have mentioned above.

Thanks for the support.

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Plants are 2 weeks old. Getting a couple of small thin roots comming out the holes in the bottom of the solo cup. should I still wait 2 weeks before moving them to their permanent home? Only have 2 sets of leaves that have grown.

Not sure it matters. Split it and see what works best?

I think it’s time for the final container. Common sense tells me exposed roots can only mean damage to the plants. My 1st grow I used peat pods for germed seeds. I let the root grow out of the pods and I feel like my plants were stunted.

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I took them outside this morning at sun-up. I was thinking the same thing, time for the big boy pot.

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This is interesting… its common for roots to grow out the bottom of bags/pots…so never really considered if it was detrimental to the plant. I honestly say no but alot of variables involved. Ill be playing closer attention

I did put them in their big pots today. I was very surprised at how much root was at the bottom of the cup and showing up on the sides. Lucy and Ethel seem to be taking to their new home outside very well today. We’ll see how they deal with the night. (new pots are 3 or 4 gal.)

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I moved my pots off the porch and into the garden area, where my peppers and tomatoes are growing. I have allowed a large area for them to spread and have plenty of sun. I do have a question, should i remove the tray I have under the buckets and let them drain to the garden or leave them to catch water/nutrients coming out the bottom after rains/watering? It sounds like such a newby question, but there I am.

Are they just outside temporarily – or will you put them in the ground?

I’m going to grow them in the buckets in the garden. Where they’re behind a fence to keep the deer out.

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Three weeks today in the dirt. I guess I expected more growth