Mixing LED Lights Experience?

So I was thinking of adding some Purple LED strips to the edges of my tent and/or my Marshydro 2000w, what do you think?

these^^ with vv

It seems to me it would look cool adding to the edges of the light to give that purple spectrum as the mars hydro seems to lack that colorway and I think the plants like it.

Anyone tried this before?

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I did not find a wavelength chart for the strips the mars hydro is pretty solid between 450 and 680. Unless the strips will add more in the red spectrum I dont see them being beneficial hanging from the top. If you want to add a couple up the sides to get coverage under your canopy and like the look I could see were they might be worth it.


@Sk8nGrow I personally wouldn’t unless your goal is just side lighting in the tent.

Those T5 style led lights really only put out enough light for seedlings and small plants.

If your intention is a boost in overall growth and flower development the only purple lighting I would suggest is the wideband led tech. Mixed blue and red in a single led. It works pretty good as supplemental lighting or if you can find a good led light mixed with white light and wideband leds.


I did see the wavelengths…660 red and 460 blue. for $60, I would not go this route
they are just cheap lights. If you want to supplement cheaply, go with something like the lesser Mars Hydro

there is a 11% coupon right now but low price on this is $58.00 so you could use HONEY and wait till the price drops or look on Ebay / alternate to amazon
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Appreciate everyone who put some input.

I think the 2000w Marshydro is pretty nice. I have an obsession with the purple led lights, I really like how they look and Ive seen buds from them and find they really develop well. The Marshydro is “Full Spectrum” but I feel it really lacks that purple tint I crave. My tents a 4x4 currently.

Two of these besides the marshydro… would it be overkill in a 4x4 though? Should get a bigger tent. Anyone try these or have a comparison for flower vs the Marshydro?


after hours of baked research, the lights I posted above look like shit compared to these:

But the price seems so low for it to actually be good, and now Im completely lost wondering if the Marshydro 2000w alone in a 4x4 is actually enough … Just heard something about blue spectrum stunting growth and early introduction to UV rays the plants get immune to it if used early on but if used during bloom creates higher resin ??
reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qA__vBxDrM

From what i understand you just dont want to overdo the UV. Two mars hydro 2000 should give you 24 watt per sq ft 3 would bump it up right at 32watt per sq ft. Wich would be pretty good. Your delima starting with a 2000w is getting even coverage in a 5Ă—5.

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These are the additional lights would consider…
The viper has control so you can dim or brighten the lamps and is full spectrum
The MixJoy is MUCH better than a burple Koscheal
many times it is not available so I look at
have to watch price- is usually around $75

I hear that. I have a 4x4 with 1 Marhydro 2000w… Its good for now. Maybe during bloom ill get some purple LEDs with UV. Sounds productive. Although the china lights bother me theyre so cheap but only work for a year at full potential. I had a friend using a Kind LED back in 2015 and that seemed to work great but was sooo damn expensive at the time. I need to educate myself on grower owned and operated lights…

On a random note I raised my light to 55% and put it like 3 feet above canopy. Mentally I can feel the difference of a plant receiving more grow space vs 1 foot away on 25%. I think it was good to start the seedlings at a low light and close but important to raise it after a week, higher the humidity to 50%, letting them know they need to stretchhH!!! haha

Thats why I got the Marshydro 2000w it came with a dimmer and it stays cool and has outstanding reviews… Plus my brother grows with one and my good friend so I figured it was family approved lmao. I enjoy their flowers. I just want to get a purple light in the mix for bloom time as I feel the buds really take in the other color lights as nutrients.

Sorry i got you mixed up with another post that had a 5Ă—5. With a 4Ă—4 that gives you 16 sq ft of space. So one 2000w would be 12.5 watt per sq ft definitely on the low side.

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Yeah thats what I was feeling… Basically looking for 2 purple looking lights to put on each side of it to balance it out… looking for some experience with this method? Feel Ima end up investing into two next week and be the one to let you guys know how it goes. I was feeling its a little light for what I want to produce. I want beasts that stand tall.

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