Lowryder Auto, ready for harvest?

97 days out from planting the germinated seed. Lowryder auto. Is this girl ready for harvest?

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The folks here in the forum keep talking about a ‚Äėjewelers loupe‚Äô (sp?). To check the trichromes. I finally got one‚Ķtrust me you NEED one! They are inexpensive and lets you see exactly what you need to see :slight_smile:

They sure do look nice!!

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Welcome…your buds look pretty good. Tips are burning a little, pistils are all aging…are there new white pistils? Looks like it could go a couple weeks longer. The buds will fatten up some. Lowryder is supposed to be a FAST FINISHER…like 60 days…and less than 2 feet tall. NOT being Lowryder #2, it is Indica heavy so if you like couch lock, let her continue. If you like a little more energetic /euphoric head, SOONER
A better set of pics will allow a better estimate. Show the whole plant and another close up of the trichomes…not from head but from the side…so we can see inside the apical bud…not an aerial view