Looking to upgrade to se3000

Uploading: 20230405_081044.jpg… I have a 4x2 tent. Was looking to upgrade to the se3000 because of the removable driver. how is this light ? can anyone give me the DL on it ? or what might be better… heat conscious…

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I have several Spider Farmer lights, including the SE series 3000 and 5000s. It will be close to squeezing in the 4x2… I had it in an oversized SF tent (27x55") and it was fairly tight.

As far as the light goes… Excellent budget light with adequate diodes and driver. Even running the light with the driver attached the light does not get to hot at all. You can run the SE’s very close to the canopy so if height is an issue this is a great light that should not over-cook the tops.

I personally like the diode arrangement as the MJ really seems to do well with the spectrum of all the spider farmer lights I have ran… both SF and SE. If I was running a 4x2, I think I actually prefer the SF2000 x 2. I would now run a CLW 550 in there but that would definitely run hot but if you can run cool positive air in addition to exhaust it won’t matter much.

I would have no problems pulling the trigger on the SE3000. If you needed a SE5000 and lived near me I would hook you up for next to nothing as I have so many lights just collecting dust.

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hey rob thanks for your input. I’m in NY,long island . how’s the heat with the se2000? Is the driver removable also?

sorry sf2000 wrong keys :rofl:

Ive always ran mine attached. The heat is not a problem in a 4x2 with exhaust and circulation. but I believe it can be detached and placed outside the tent.

I have better for cheaper facts

Its not worth the $$$ they all the same unless u going like blackdogg etc but these are pretty much all alike :v: