Looking to upgrade LED lights

Hit me with your LED grow lights. I’m planning on upgrading both my lights and my grow room. I would love to know everyone’s favorites.

I’ve been pleased with Growers Choice. Alot of options and they run fairly cool

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I bought VIVARSPECTRA 2500. Just finished my first round of autos. 17 plants. 4 lights coverage is 2X4. Plants were all strong. Price and warranty swayed me.


I use the vivaspectra 1500 and have 2 absolutely love them.


I was wondering if there is a special type of led light that is only for flowering?

and if so who makes it?

From what I understand there is not ,but with an LED light that can be dimmed they recommend 50 to 75% brightness in vegetative stage and 100% during flowering

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A few companies have add on bars for flowering ie Grower Choice. But most are incorporated these days

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Thank you all for the thoughts. I bought 2 more smaller lights for my (2) 4foot by 4foot grow tents that seem to have more red color and I am turning both lights in each tent down to 75 percent to flower.

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I just purchased. A bestva.bp1000 I really like.it.my.plants.do.to.for the price.can’t.beat.um.

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