Looking for seeds

Hi there…well I’ve been looking for seeds…
I’ve been checking out HG and other sites.
The problem with these sites is if you want a good price, then you need to buy many seeds…All I want is a few seeds,3 lemon feminized photos for sure…Wife loves this strain…Was also looking for maybe Durbon poison,Jamaican,Thai…A landrance type strain…Would like to grow a G13 plant also…
If anybody knows of a good seedbank that sells by the seed,cheap, I sure would like to know…Maybe a grower on this site has a list of seeds for sell…THANKS


Multriversebeans , singles , 3packs , 5 packs . More u get less they cost. Believe 1 is about $10- $12 also depends on strain

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I’ve been down that road before…Wanting just a few seeds, and buying way more than I need for a better price…I use to buy from Single Seed Center, for they sold single seeds…I’d order different strains at a decent price…HG bought them out.
Now hear I am needing just a few,3, seeds…
Lemon or lemon haze,etc.
So if there is someone out there who has a few seeds $ $…

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I hear you.I used to love the single seed center for trying out something new. I have used all the banks back in the day. Herbies, the attitude, seedsman, krop kings, sensi, nirvana.

I definitely think single seeds for a premium price is a niche missing from the market right now.

My current crop of seeds should be ready by the end of the month. I’ll be glad to n/c mail you a couple of Durban crosses. I only have the original durban in clone, but I crossed it with strawberry cough and jillybean. I could tape some seeds to the inside of a Christmas card and mail it off to you at the end of the month? No promises though my seeds are not tested. Sometimes I have jems, and sometimes I have birdseed. That said, the Durban crosses tend to be great. :blush:

PM me if you want to try them….
I went crazy on the seeds this year and

did probably my largest batch yet. 1,000s

@DollarBill pm me if you want to save some dollars after you GG autos. I would be honored to send you a mix of my Seattle hippy seeds.:blush:. They may pass on the invermecton though.:scream_cat: if I have read you correctly you could use some outdoor seeds to try. Outdoor is my specialty baby…:sunny:

I usually do the seed runs outdoor, but this winter was crazy. The wind was blowing and destroying my temp greenhouse. And we had more freezing and snow events this year than the last 6 put together. I gave up and went for the garage. At least we didn’t flood like @spudgunner just to the north.

Sorry to bug you, but @Mrb53004, how do you usually mail off your personal seeds safely? Will taped to a Xmas or bday card work? It seems silly to mail a Daniel tiger or bubble guppies dvd…


I pack my seeds in clear plastic bags. Sometimes I add azomite, sometimes not. I use plastic bubble envelopes and ship using https://ship.pirateship.com/ for the usps discount first class or better. Now offering UPS too.
When mailing to Canada or Europe, you have to fill out the declaration for customs. I use codes for card stock and will tape bags inside cards (bday, xmas, plain folded stock). Never had any problems other than the post office delivering to the WRONG ADDRESS. Always refer back to NOVELTY ITEMS (as I do on my website)
I might be interested in some of the Durban offshoots. All my durban seeds are pale, light…never looked like they matured. I have Cherry Pie and another child but Durban Poison is a favorite


Wouldn’t it be great if someone set up a seed swap site? I have 7 Blue Dream Autos, 5 Gold Leaf Autos, and 4 Trainwreck fems that I will never get around to growing. I have only one plant going right now, a Bruce Banner Fast Version. I can’t wait to try that one (patience paduan), but I’m looking for something to help my wife sleep. Will I have to buy 4, 5, or even 10 seeds just to try one plant?

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@Noddykitty Ya, shitty part was our flooding was caused when the Nooksack River (in the US) overflowed its banks and flooded north…thanks for that!

It WAS a brutal Fall/Winter this year in Pacific Northwest. Wet and cold, really really cold (ok, for us here, not like eastern US cold!). I picked up some 2" Styrofoam pieces yesterday to put under my tent floor (@DollarBill , got 3 broken pieces for FREE! Just have to cut them to size). I am convinced my plants really slowed down in growth from mid-Nov until Xmas harvest due to cold roots. Won’t happen again!

Are your seeds just regular seeds, or Femmed/Auto too?

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Nooksack always makes me laugh. So does salmon la sack (I always think of a salmon on someone’s sack) a little town in eastern Washington. I guess it’s the kid in me.

Just regs. And to answer your rhetorical question from many threads ago “whom clones males”?
I do :raised_hand:. I just anally select for better boys. I keep 5-6 best as clones and chuck the rest.

That’s how I get my pollen. The only time I do fems is if I Rodelize a plant well past harvest. I just drop an hour a week until they think the world is ending. Deep into late over ripe buds. I have Never met a strain yet I could not get nanners from. Never. I have gone 4 on 20 off for some stubborn ladies before. No joke. To get the fem seeds. Not something I do much since I eagerly select males each year…

I have done CS in the past and GA. GA always gives me warts for a month no matter how careful I am with the gloves. And I have gone so anally organic that I don’t want CS dripping into my living soil. I would hate for my char load up on it.



You may want to try those train wrecks. If you have not all ready? I had that in my keeper collection for a long time before it was kicked out. They do great outdoor. And a Good strong smoke.

Everyone around here was growing that 2008-2010 and I got tired of it. Kinda like how everyone overgrew the blue dream before that. It is one I have often thought of bringing out of retirement. What’s another keeper clone for the collection.


Unfortunately, I have no lemon to offer. I have had bad luck with orange and lemon strains. Those damn caterpillars rage against the machine on them here. Every fucking time. I don’t want to spray so I just keep them out of my garden. I have had them side by side with other strains and no cross-caterpillazation (technical term). But every time the orange or lemon strains are just loaded with them. Even the baby clones in the other side of the yard.

If you grow outdoor and have to battle the caterpillars on the reg, skip the orange and lemon strains. :speaking_head:


@Noddykitty The place that giggles me is Weed, CA. I always wanted to go there since my 20’s and try to steal a cop’s hat…I always envisioned them having a big silver badge on it saying WEED POLICE.

What would cross well with Death Bubba (cross between Death Star and Bubba Kush)? I don’t want to breed them inside, but I would sacrifice a clone to make seeds IF I could get hold of some good pollen…

I agree with you on the Trainwreck, got some a few years ago, still remember it! Nice smoke!


Ha been there! I feel like we think alike. We would definitely be friends if we were neighbors.! Ironically they were one of the holdout municipalities when California legalized. They have since come to their senses.


Here’s a real small town in Utah I’ve passed through


All you had to do is ask. Of course my friend. I would be honored.

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I would say anything mold resistant ha. If you are going for a particular flavor I would say consult the dr. @MDBuds. He seems to have a sense of flavor pallet and the strain suggestions to go with it. I first happened onto this site looking for a strain named cuvée. MDbuds had some great suggestions for me to try and make it myself. Also, @CkNugz has done a fair bit of Death Star runs and some of his own crosses I believe. He may have some tips or suggestions. (Or I’m just stoned)

The only other personal experience input I have is the bubba kush did shit for me here. I tried it a bunch and it was the damn moldy nug all the way up the stem from the morning dew on Labor Day. It was not crossed. So I hope your death bubba cross takes the humidity with more grace than my bubba did.


@spudgunner do you want to maintain the potency and terpene profile? Or are you looking to get something more uplifting and energetic out of the cross?

The plant you decide to cross it with will all depend on the end result you are seeking.

Keeping it lemon/skunk/pine with a body stone will be easy enough. If you want to make it an easier growing cultivar as well that is also simple enough through pheno hunting and hybrid vigor if you choose the right cultivar. Something like the lemon blast from homegrown sounds like it would be good for it. Give it some more stretch and mold resistance and maintain similar terpene profiles with some added sweetness. Maintain potency and similar effects. That is if you pheno hunt it enough which is much easier to do with similar cultivars.

If you want a more complex pallet and different effects it will take a lot more time to dial in especially outdoor unless you “landrace” it. Lol

If you want to increase the uplift and lessen the couch lock a bit but still have it be effective for pain crossing with something like Jack Herer or Green Crack/Steve’s Dream Queen might be good.

It really all depends on what you want out of it and what you have access to.


@Wildbill only ones I know of that sell by the seed don’t track shipping and don’t guarantee delivery unless you go for the really high end breeder stock but then you’re paying $50+ a seed or paying $200+ for clone cuttings.

As far as just trying to get a few seeds you’re better off trying to trade with people you know and trust.

Hell, I’d send you some because I currently have more than I need but I don’t have anything you’re looking for. At least not until I finish a few projects that @Mrb53004 helped me out with.

I still gotta pay him back now that I recall. I was supposed to send him a few of my personal breeding stock but my breeding got delayed. Still need to get back to @Hippy1978 too.

The shed issue and heat wave really set me back, but I’m working on it.

If you still need something in a few months I got you. My current projects that I’ll be sending to @Mrb53004 and @Hippy1978 won’t be done for a few months now though since the set back.


Good morning Mike, send me a link to your website, I’d like to check it out.

@Wildbill check out Barney’s farms seed bank i think you can buy one seed at a time

@Noddykitty cedarwood chips or cedarwood oil. Harmless to cannabis and it keeps the moths away.

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