Looking for maximum flower in minimum time

Seeking recommendations for which seeds will yield maximum flower in a short amount of time… Mazar autoflower says it yields 400-550 g/ m2 - how much is that per plant for the indoor yield.


That depends on how many plants you have per square meter.

So if you had a 3x3 and packed it with sog or scrog corner to corner you could yield 400-550 grams.


Per plant in small grow spaces usually only 1.5 to 3 oz per plant. Sometimes more if your environment is spot on and you’re using hydro for faster growth and higher yields.


Hey @MDBuds, giving my GDP my attention. WW is hanging & drying. Can I clip more of the yellow leaves to help it dry & no mold??

GDP is a bushy bush. Pruned her & put under SCROG (I think lol)

Hope you & your family are well :+1:t4::+1:t4:


@adcrag Yeah you can trim more. There’s still plenty there i can see that I would have trimmed personally. I only leave the small sugar leaves on the buds and trim everything else off.

The GDP looks good. I’d raise the trellis a few inches though so you have room to weave the colas through it as it stretches during flower. I usually put my net about a foot above the canopy and then just guide the colas through as they reach it if I didn’t do a lot of horizontal training.

If I did a lot of training though and had the menorah or upside down Christmas tree going on as they call it I keep the trellis at the canopy to help train before flipping to flower.


Dude, you are the GOAT (hope you know what that means, don’t know where everyone’s from)

Definitely going to have different SCROG material with smaller openings.

Have a good one & happy growing


@Wolf Welcome to the forum! I would say any blueberry crosses will be some heavy yielders and quick yielders! Just depends on the style of grow you do!


I just had a Northern Lights Blueberry (auto) that yielded 23 grams!:roll_eyes: