Live Q&A with Kyle Kushman - St. Patrick's Day SPECIAL - March 17th at 6pm!

If you don’t already know Kyle Kushman, well…

He is a cannabis legend in every way in areas such as cannabis education, like his A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marijuana , 30+ years of growing expertise, 13 cannabis cups and his NEW Cultivars with Character with special edition Homegrown Cannabis seeds!

Nate Hammer - Kyle’s Cannabis Apprentice and one of our Experts

Nate Hammer, Kyle’s British Cannabis apprentice, will be hosting this wonderful event! These guys go way back together! They’re almost like an old married couple at this point! Hah!

Nate and Kyle will be answering all of your cannabis questions for a full hour!

Get those doobies rolled, bowls packed, heat up your dabs and have your popcorn ready because these Live Q&A’s only get better and better!

The best part is… YOU get to ask the questions! What am I saying here? You know the deal!
Have your bowls packed, joints rolled, and dabs ready to burn with all of your cannabis questions!!!

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To take part, simply register on this forum as a user and post your questions as a reply below.

Cheers and Happy Growing!


Sweet I was just trying to find the next live show!!

Why is the Community having so much trouble posting pictures all of a sudden?

Do you do a wet or dry trim with scrogging?

I do not determine whether t wet or dry trim by scrog, sog or anything similar. I base it on conditions at time of harvest
If Rh’s are low, I defoliate the LARGE fans and leave many of the smaller sugar leaves. They help keep additional moisture for dry time
Dry trimming is easier but you can lose many trichomes so you have to be gentle
If the BUDS are excessively LARGE or DENSE or COMPACT…I wet trim I also do that with strains that are susceptible to MOLD or if the Rh at time of dry happens to be high

How do you grow from seed in 2 gallon plastic pots and avoid the roots growing outside of the pots? Tried vegging a plant in a 2 gallon and after about a month it was ready to repot due to the roots showing through the sides and bottom of the plastic pots. Thanks!

Do not grow in plastic. Invest in cloth bags. Tan color, not the black ones. Roots will turn back inward

Hello Mr. Kushman, thank you for your time.

In some interview you mentioned that the main culprit behind the rash flavor of non-organic weed is the monoammonium phosphate (and DAP). How do I know whether these compounds are to be found in the fertilisers I use? Thank you.

What’s wrong with the black grow bags?

nothing…roots grow all the way up to the dark surfaces. With the lighter colored bags, they circle back inward, creating a tighter root ball

What’s your favorite movie to watch when stoned? Favorite music album? Snack food? Beverage?

If you could have any super power when high what would it be?

If you could get any animal of your choice alive or extinct high which animal would you choose as your toking companion?

If you had unlimited resources at your disposal and the ability to do so, what would your perfect breed of cannabis plant be? Sativa? Indica? Hybrid? Terpenes? Potency?

And now finally, a growing question. What is a good vegan phosphorus amendment for building a veganic living soil?

Happy growing man!


“Strawberry Fields Forever”…

Invertebrate zoology is the study of invertebrates but I don’t recall what they are called if they specialize in segmented worms or annelids.

is it not entomology?

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Nematology. I didn’t know this, I exercised my brain muscle.

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@Mrb53004 entomology is the study of insects. Worms aren’t classified as insects.

@kmac03 that’s nematodes which are worm-like. Lol

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@CkNugz that’s for parasitic worms.

Gotta find those guys that study red wigglers and earth worms. :joy:

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@MDBuds Helmin means “worm”… all in the same. But they make great fish bait… also…

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