Live Q&A with Kyle Kushman - Ricky Williams Guest Appearance!? May 27th at 6pm PST!


Kyle Kushman - The Indoor Cannabis Grow Expert! One of our Cultivars with Character, Kyle is known for his Strawberry Cough, cannabis journalism at High Times Magazine, his legendary Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marijuana, 13 Cannabis Cups AND his Supercropping Techniques to maximize your cannabis yields!

Ricky Williams is a legendary NFL Runningback, a massive advocate for cannabis, and an ASTROLOGIST! Ricky has been studying astrology for 16 years and converted from an athlete to a healer. He’s even got his own line of flower in SoCal called The Highsman and hes an amateur grower too!

Nate Hammer - Kyle’s Cannabis Partner, our resident grower and one of the most legendary filmmakers and show hosts in cannabis! He will be our show’s host packing in as many cannabis questions for the expert, Kyle, himself!

Get those doobies rolled, bowls packed, heat up your dabs and have your popcorn ready because these Live Q&A’s only get better and better!

The best part is… YOU get to ask the questions! What am I saying here? You know the deal!

To take part, post your questions as a reply below!!

What do you want to ask these legends!?

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I was wondering can you clone auto plants thanks Maine home of m.o.b

Was up guys recently Governor Jared Polis signed a bill to help minorities obtain a license and I my self am elated for this opportunity. I have been growing medically for over 9 years and I am 27 now. To see the transition of the cannabis industry take place and minorities to be pushed to the side really left no room for minorities to be successful unless they were grandfathered in. I want to be able to open a cultivation and dispensary what would be the best way to accomplish that as a black man?

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Brent here, from Maine!
Do you have any advice on stunted plants? I grow from seed because I really just enjoy the whole journey and the processes involved. That being said, typically I have 1 or 2 plants (fed exactly the same as all the rest) that just stop going vertical at some point. Even when in flower, they barely stretch. Is there something I can do to get these plants to grow taller? Should I just scrap them from my grow? Is this just purely genetics?

You guys are the best! Thanks for all your advice, in advance.

David here, from the mountains of northern Arizona. Q: what strain of bud’s would you recommend for me up here?? New to the idea of growing at home. Have smoked for over 50yrs. Am looking for an easy, no frills, good yielding plants robust against pest’s mold rott and so on. Thank you guys in advance. Rickey William’s what a treat, watched you from college to the Detroit lions. By the way, i love my weed to destroy me.

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#Legend 10k yard club…

How many plants grown outside can one person tend working 6 hours a day?

I have a question for Kyle or Nate regarding mechanostimulation (mechanical vibration) and growing cannabis. I have invented a technology that mechanically vibrates plants through touch, either by use of a scrog or by line application that touched the main stalk using sound files inputted by the grower. This is a WHOLE PLANT VIBRATION. It does more than airborne sound or oscillating fans. Our testing shows shorter, fatter, stronger and faster plants. We are currently working on IPM potentials.

My question is… How do I get one to you to test and are either of you open to giving it a fair chance without shooting it down immediately?

There is science behind it.
Glenn Holland
CEO The Human ConneXion llc (THCX)
Inventor of Ganjagrid Plant Vibration Trainer


How do I sell BULK seeds to HGCC? What is the process, QC, regulations necessary to become a seed manufacturer / vendor

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yes you can but autoflower clones are the same age as their parents so whatever the time frame is, it copies over to the clone/s

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Q: 4 Rickey?
Is there any way of getting a free gram or 2 too share w/ local farmer’s? Maybe to open a market for your project " TheHighsman.

Thank you tonn’s

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Hey guys! I’ve learned a lot just by watching these live events and following along Instagram. So thanks for the awesome content.

Here are a couple indoor growing questions I’ve been thinking about:
(You definitely don’t have to answer all, what is most interesting or important)

  1. what is your optimal temp/humidity range (veg, then flower, then finish) and what are some homegrown steps to maintain these conditions such as tools or techniques to help maintain high VPD and these optimal conditions. (In a tent)

  2. Can a mother plant lose its vigor, and produce poor cuttings? How often to replace or repot?

  3. You guy sell seeds, especially auto flower seeds. What are the pros for starting your cycle from seeds vs. clones or transplants.

  4. When cloning, what is the best technique? I’ve tried almost all systems, and still average a 10-20% fail rate.

  5. the best place to take clones from, top or middle, or bottom?

  6. what are some Simple steps to identify and cull male starts

Random Ricky question:

Some Professional sports are finally relaxing on cannabis rules. You famously exposed the drug rules for the better, but how was the culture or support of cannabis behind the scene amoung your other teammates? Were they supportive during the time?

Thanks for having this cool special guest and his historical help in normalizing cannabis, his position as an accomplished athlete has probably helped sway public opinion and helped be a piece in accelerating the legalization efforts.

Hoping to catch this live ,

Thanks :pray: So the best time to clone would be at the beginning of them growing so they can still have growing time ? And thanks for your help also noticed you grow seeds I just heard about feminism spray is that something you just spray on to get female seeds or do you polinat

Some guys could barely even function and play without blazing beforehand lol

Kyle… what are your thoughts about washing pot after harvest I’ve seen a few videos on YouTube… I’ve given it a try… can take it or leave it… what do you think…

So you can grow a 6’5", 300 pounder, who runs 4.5 40s Linebacker of a plant, but end of the day he needs tackles and production points

Which leads me to ask, AutoFlowers,
what’s the correct ppm for Phosphorus and Potassium right before that 2nd month reach and that prime flower time?

I need trichomes not so much big ass plants!

Ps ex-Colt Linebacker here … respect

Is there a Link for this?

I like that- feminism spray…many growers will buy or make a solution that is used to coax female flowers into seeding. Some will just use stress or overgrowth/continued growth after flower. Many females will seed themselves if you et them stay in flower too long.
CS - colloidal silver great than or = to 30ppm. Sprayed starting about a week before flowering and done 3 times a day, usually on a specific bud or region. Eventually the sprayed buds will self pollinate and seed
GA - gibberellic acid -same methods as CS but can cause stretch…Same concept. When no pollen is available, these solutions cause the buds to self pollinate
You CANNOT SMOKE OR INGEST any of the plantr that has come in contact with these formulas
and Lastly, STS, the most powerful of the 3. Silver Thiosulfate (photographers processing fluid) is the strongest of the 3 and requires the most care.
All 3 methods COAX female flowers into making pollen sacs to self pollinate. This is done to feminize future seeds
All 3 methods are easily searched on the web

cloning - tops are the easiest to root. As plants age, the stems thicken, silica hardens the stems and makes it more difficult for rooting. Tender young tops root easier.
This is not to say you cannot root a lower branch…
No sense to clone auto’s unless you just want to segregate that and seed it away from the rest of the crop to prevent SEEDING of a mass nature

Washing pot -
If you have a mold issue, many rinse the harvest in H2O2 solution to help. If you have residue, you want to rinse that off before drying to insure a cleaner, better tasting harvest that is safer to use. A nano micelle solution (they are Organic and non-gmo) will wash residue and NOT TOUCH the THC. It will also serve as a mold PREVENTATIVE…this can help extend the DRY time which results in a better end product.
Cold wash cure - some wash their harvest to reduce the GREEN TASTE (chlorophyll), then dry / cure

What time is best time of day to harvest a autoflower that went on a 24/0 light schedule.