Live Q&A with Kyle Kushman - February 17th @ 6pm PT

**If you don’t already know Kyle Kushman, well…**

He is a cannabis legend in every way in areas such as cannabis education, like his A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marijuana , 30+ years of growing expertise, 13 cannabis cups and his NEW Cultivars with Character with special edition Homegrown Cannabis seeds!

Nate Hammer - Kyle’s Cannabis Apprentice

Nate has come a long way working in cannabis for as long as he has and learning from the expert, Kyle Kushman, himself. These guys are the perfect pair to learn from as a beginner or expert grower!

They’re going to be talking all things regarding cannabis, Kyle’s background and experience, growing your own cannabis, and plenty of hilarious banter!

The best part is… YOU get to ask the questions!

Have your bowls packed, joints rolled, and dabs ready to burn with all of your cannabis questions!!!

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When growing bushy indicas that do the long colas, the top of the cone above the canopy develops nice, but the lower part of the cola in the canopy often comes out larf. Is there a good way to get the whole cola to develope? I want to avoid partial harvest to let the lower develop fully


Hi Kyle! I’m trying to perfect my end product. Besides curing, what else can I do to bring out the terpene profile?


Question for Kyle and Nate please! Do you adjust P & K independently during flower, or do you keep their levels unchanged prior to flush? Thanks guys!


HGCC Moby Dick week 8. Am i over pruning these ladies? This is my third grow, 5th strain. How am I doing? Getting around 6oz off 1- 2000w(220w actual draw) led, 3x3ft tent. Fox Farm Dirty Dozen nutes w/ cal mag in coco. Just starting final flush before 3 days of darkness. Any suggestions?


How often should i add mycorrhizae to my plants water? I bought water only soil and most of the plants shut down. I added 3mls to 2gals. And waited a week. They are better. Do I do this often?


Hi there. This is my first ever grow and I decided to try it in my AeroGarden. I’m following a guide I found on-line and she seems to be doing pretty good. However, I am noticing a lot of the leaves are turning brown just at the tips and some random leaves that are turning. The picture doesn’t clearly show what I see with my own eyes but if you zoom in you can see. I’ve added dots to some of them to point them out. I’ve been giving her the nutrients as per the guide and the ph is on point. Heat and humidity is not an issue as I have it regulated by a fancy gadget. I just don’t know what could be causing this issue. At the time of your show she will be in her 4th week of the flowering stage, 13 weeks total since planting the seed. The strain is Strawberry Cough. I’d love any advice you could give. Thanks.


Hey guys, what is the best quality and most affordable led lights out there on the market right now?

I was using the hlg 550’s, my plants dwarfed and stayed short, I definitely think it’s because I didn’t have the room hot enough, wasn’t aware that you had to run the room hotter when using led’s vs hps lights.


Love your vids and the knowledge provided.

Would you recommend your “Kushman Chiropractic Supercrop” method to ruderalis strains as well, with them being time-oriented flowers?


I love wedding cake so instead of spending the high prices for it decided to buy some feminized wedding cake seeds to grow in my backyard this year. I am using foxfarm ocean forrest and a little happy frog. Also am going to mix in some oyster shell flower for longterm calcium as I’ve read that wedding cake loves calcium and magnesium. For nutrients im using the foxfarm trio and feeding schedule. Big bloom, grow big and tiger bloom also im trying Bushdoctor bembe-sweet and dandy at the end for added sweetness im hoping. Also my finishing pot is 45 gallon. My main question is how do I get the most flavor. It’s almost as important to me as the thc%. I used to grow in the early 2000’ like everyone in Northern cali but it was always for quantity not quality and now that im older growing just for my wife and. I would love to hear your best advice for the best terpenes

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Ok I’m new here and new to growing and have a question about a particular strain of which I’ve planted two seeds both are gdp… Well to put this simply one of them is beautiful and has bushed out nicely with some width along with the height the other seed\plant well it has a ton of leaves some small but not many larger ones and is short and very very very bushy… Ive also noticed the smaller one is very sticky compared to the other which has some sticky to it BUT not near as much as its little sister… My question is if there is a particular way OR a better way to trim this smaller bushy plant because the other is trained the way I feel it should be or at least to my liking but the smaller one I worry could do better with a particular training technique. Please help Im also thinking of cloning it because what ive read says small and bushy is good and sticky is as well…

P.S. Ive trimmed up both of them and can only post one picture because Im new but this is the smaller bushy bushy sticky one…

Update here is a pic of the other planted at the same time…


How do you know what to prune when going into flower?


I was warned by a friend to never use AeroGarden. But aside from the issue @Kimmyann253 posted about, her baby girl baby looks quite nice. Just wanted to piggy back on her question with — what are your thoughts about an Aero grow?


First time grower - got a Magnum Autoflower starting to flower. I got this far without much help… but now I’m lost. It’s an Auto, do I need to adjust light cycles? How do I do a flush when the time comes. What time would that be? Do I basically kill the plant when harvesting? If not, is she viable for a round 2? …lots more that I don’t know what I don’t know lol. Probably too much to cover but if you address my question, (first thanks!) any tips on where to get a through walkthrough would by insanely greatly appreciated.

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If you use feminizing spay can you use the pollen to cross breed with an other plant? Like you would do with a male plant?

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Hey Kyle! I’m going to be a first time grower here. I am debating the tent vs. dedicated room idea… and would like to know your thoughts on growing in a room instead of a tent. Thanks so much! - Bel


Can you use feminizing spay to pollenate another plant to cross breed and to get all female seeds?

I’m so psyched for the seminar Kyle thanks! How does one “top” and how important is temp/RH? Ricardo from Massachusetts

Is there anything special and temperature or anything on granddaddy purp