Live Q&A with Kyle Kushman - December 16th @ 6pm PT

If you don’t already know Kyle Kushman, well…

He is a cannabis legend in every way in areas such as cannabis education, like his A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marijuana, 30+ years of growing expertise, 13 cannabis cups and his NEW Cultivars with Character with special edition Homegrown Cannabis seeds!

Nate Hammer - Kyle’s Cannabis Apprentice

Nate has come a long way working in cannabis for as long as he has and learning from the expert, Kyle Kushman, himself. These guys are the perfect pair to learn from as a beginner or expert grower!

They’re going to be talking all things regarding cannabis, Kyle’s background and experience, growing your own cannabis, and plenty of hilarious banter!

The best part is… YOU get to ask the questions!

Have your bowls packed, joints rolled, and dabs ready to burn with all of your cannabis questions!!!

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Hi. I have grown many plants outside with good and bad results, depending on the weather and conditions. I decided to try to grow some winter crop to see what would happen indoors. Chose 2 Blueberry auto, 2 fem white widow and 1 fem gelato. I have them in a grow closet, best way put. They popped and were planted 10-5-2020 in super soil. Looking good until we had a freak cold spell and I did not think about the plants, as they were under lights, but not heat lamps. So I think the blueberry became stunted. PH has been correct, just at 6.7. I wanted to attach a photo as I believe the autos are in full flower right now, but only 10"-12" tall. If they are in full flower, how long before I should harvest, as the pistols are just slightly turning brown but not much on the tri’s showing. Outside I would wait for a couple more weeks, but not sure about indoors. They are pretty, just tiny (laughing).

The topic included the word “hash”…INTERESTED in knowing more and what to buy to make. Newbie but love a challenge!

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I have tried growing with and without Co2 additives. I have never noticed a different in weight? In an indoor grow do you think a Co2 additive is needed?

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How Long Should you wait before transplanting a plant from seedling cup to flower pot before transplanting into a living soil like sohum?

Is Panama Red a strain that still exist? where to get it?

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What will make a plant have more thc and resins growing outdoor in natural light or using a light and if it is a light what do you prefer?

How often should i replace the water in a hydroponic setup. My first grow I was doing every 7 days, but feel like the water could last longer.

Hello! How do you mix strains when growing? Like how can you have a mix of two strains?

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Hello. When growing a sativa dominant do I still wait for amber trichomes? I’d like the uplifting effect but no couch lock thanks in advance.

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Great work! So with a root spa for a dwc bucket whats that purpose for cause I’m running one without a spa?

Aside from notoriety, what is the most rewarding aspect of being a successful breeder in the cannabis industry?

What advice would you give to an aspiring medicinal cannabis breeder to keep motivated and handle criticism?

And a fun one, if you had a chance to smoke with Geddy Lee, Neil Pert, or Alex Lifeson who would you choose and why?

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Hey Kyle I need to get more fresh air movement in my grow & temps are to high bet 80-84°f I have my Dehumidifier my AC is junk but in the bottom left of my grow there’s a dryer vent plugged off you think if I unplugged it would cause problems if my exhaust is pulling fresh cold air from outside im few days in wk6 flower thanks man :v:

When do you think it’s best to start planting out door in like Southern California around the 805 region

Just want to say “Thank you”. For the work everyone has put in, to make my first grow go well. I’m a newbie and have done a lot of homework. With your knowledge and videos I’m helping my brother with M.S get started. Growing alone has lifted his spirits. Thank you all vary much. Marry Christmas

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What growing, pruning or clipping technique can I use to increase the yields of autoflowering plants?

Kyle, I just ran my first run of autoflowers. It was fun and I learned a lot but in your opinion, do they have any practical purpose for someone like me who runs a small perpetual harvest? I’ve heard something about using autoflowers to fill the gaps between harvests but I harvest more often than a casual grower so I wondered if I should keep some auto seeds handy and if so, why? And thanks for taking the time, buddy. You’re a big inspiration to a lot of us.

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Do you rinse and reuse promix hpcc if so, how would you suggest buffering after… or do you always start with a fresh bale for your veganic super soil recipe?

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What’s your opinion on clay pellets instead of pearlite?

What are you tips for making sure your soil is perfect for each strain?