Live Q&A with Kyle Kushman - 29th September @ 6pm PT

Growing Live is back!!! Set your alarms, mark your calendars and tell your friends.
Kyle and Nate will be blowing up your screens on Tuesday 29th September at 6pm (PT - California time).

Who are they???

Kyle Kushman is a true OG… a man with 30+ years of growing experience, 13 cannabis cups and the starring role in the amazing Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marijuana.

Nate Hammer is Kyle’s good-looking apprentice ( we have to call him good-looking, it’s in his contract ) and all-round, creative whizz.

They’re going to be talking all things smoking, toking and joking… how Kyle got to where he was… how they enjoy the herb… and, of course, you can ask anything you want about growing, too.

Be sure to have your bongs, joints, spliffs, dabs and questions at the ready!

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No way, how cool is this!!! Only problem is which question to ask??? What is your favorite strain to grow? Do you prefer indoor or outdoor growing? If you could go back to when you first started growing and give yourself some advice, what would it be? Thank you Kyle and Homegrown Cannabis Co. you guys Rock​:100::sunglasses:


Hello. New to this site and growing indoors. My particular preference is growing outdoors, but wish to try my hand with White Widow indoors. Live in N FL (zone 8) and do have some chilly days/nights. I have plenty of space to grow indoors, possibly some control over humidity and temps - will not be using a tent. Have read many articles regarding indoor growing and have decided on Happy Frog soil vs hydroponics. Would you recommend that the seedlings be placed in a plain peat moss mixture within a hole of the Happy Frog soil to start so as not to have too much shock or plop right in? Thanks!


What would you recommend to growers trying to source and build their own living veganic soil? When building a veganic compost to revitalize the soil do you recommend hot composting or cold composting? What materials would you recommend for the compost to achieve the best and most complete nutrition to try to make a water only seed to harvest soil with minimal nutrient supplementation?

I’ve been reading up on all of your achievements and articles and I have to say you are an inspiration to me and my medicinal cannabis has been top notch since I started learning from you. :v::metal::call_me_hand:


Is Homegrown Cannabis Co Strawberry Cough the Original “Kushman cut” clone only pheno? or is it the Strawberry Cough (kushman cut) that was crossed with Cherry Lopez then back into the (kushman cut) Strawberry Cough? Aka “Super Strawberry Cough”. If it is the Super Strawberry Cough does it taste like the original clone only pheno (kushman cut) from a decade ago? Thanks. Also…When are you gonna produce grow room good luck charms of your head with a big smile like some of the pics on HGCs website?


My job has me working a 24 day that can go longer then 3-4 days. In that time I’m unable to water my plants. I grow in soil and over water the day before I go to work, but as my girls get bigger and move into flower. I’m afraid that they might die or stress out and herm on me. Is there something I can add to the soil that might help.

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Soil or hydroponic pros & cons inside

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I have noticed that sometimes, if not all the time, with sensimilla or un-pollinated female flower the pistils or hairs are each still attached to a small black speck that I believe is what would become a seed once it was pollinated. I was just wondering if there are any techniques or something that could be used to hamper or eliminate the development of these things?

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. Really Great Question!

*Kyle… what is your favorite method and/or nutrient, to stop plants like Original OG from stretching in the first week of bloom?

Have to many question to ask just one. With that I will just listen,

Is there anything I can do to use the leafs that I cut off? I’m near cutting and drying and still have plenty of leafs. Thank you Boys!!!

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If :moneybag: isn’t an issue, I would say go automated. A cheap quick remedy is peat moss, you can mix it in with the soil but dont add too much. Then you can cover the soil with a good layer of the peat moss to keep the sun and air from drying out your soil. Also, have you thought about water globes? Hope this helps :+1::sunglasses:

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I guess I should have said it’s an indoor grow. Also tried water globes and they go dry by day 2. Peat moss I’ll give it a try.

Hi Kyle and Nate! It’s Jade with yet another question to add to the list I’ve already thrown at ya. BTW, thank you sooooo much for every tip so far, Kyle…truly a blessing. Glad you two are doing this event. So, I don’t have many resources available where I live now and am currently growing indoors. I’m probably not far from harvest now and want to be able to check the THC content of my product when it’s go time. How would you suggest I get my bud tested or test it myself?


The top layer will still help retain moisture even indoors. :+1:

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@Jriley I usually set up a water timer if I’m gone for more than 2 days. Or you can use the old trick of getting a large ice block and let it slowly melt into your plants providing enough water to keep them growing for a few days. I used to do that to cold shock also

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I do have one question for Kyle. I know you’re a big advocate for feminized seeds. The process requires you to give a female plant a sex change. So, correct me if I’m wrong, but essentially you hermied the plant. Now, when you’ve pollinated your female and get all you’re feminized seeds, will those feminized seeds have hermie genetics? I’ve had a couple feminized seeds hermie, one this year (not from HGCC), and I guess I would like to know if I should start growing regular seeds again? I don’t enjoy picking seeds out of my buds. Especially if they came from a hermied plant


Sometimes it’s not just doing 1 thing, try combining ideas or techniques to enhance the outcome. Pretty sure if you use peat moss and globes you’ll be just fine. All the best :+1:


What’s a good cultivar high in yields and high in terpenes to grow outdoors in zone 8a? Also what’s the strongest tasting cultivar does Homegrown Cannabis Co offers?