Lighting questions

Hey y’all. I have a few questions.
I have, or will have, a 2’ x 3’ x 6’ cabinet. I am going to use indica autos in a DWC with aeroponics and a KIND 3XL 450 LED for my 1st grow. I will also have 2 t5 side lights.

Does anyone know how far those lights should hang from the girls from seedling to veg to flower and harvest? Do I really need a lux meter? :call_me_hand:t6: :v:t6: :sunglasses: :fist:t6:


@Greg Welcome to the forum! If you are using the T5 for seedlings and to Veg them, 16 to 20" should be plenty safe, however, if you’re using the KIND LED I would recommend doing 20 to 24" above canopy. As you move through the growth phases you can adjust the light down to 12" above canopy to maximize PAR output!

COOL. I’ll leave any further queries on this forum.
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You’ve been a ton of help, and I don’t even have my cabinet yet!!!
I will take pics & show my grow whenever I start.
Thanks again for past & future emails, videos, podcasts, that surf the web to me.
I’m gonna teleport my computer and wireless network to 1969, become an old school scientist.
Peace G

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1969 - Woodstock, men on the moon and it rained forever (like 2 weeks right at woodstock), got drafted, bought a 1965 pontiac 2+2 convertible, trips, 429HO, lost my virginity, found Acapulco Gold


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Hey y’all :sunglasses:how many of :alien:us/you :alien:aliens out there grow autos with 24 hour light. I know Kronic does, but who else follows in his footsteps? :alien: :v:t6: :vulcan_salute:t6: Curious alien minds want to know!!!

I was a bit late to the party - didn’t start till '77

I started in the summer of 1972 in the back of a '64 Rambler American w/20 seedlings in the back seat & driving Seattle to LA before we got distracted with open air concerts and such. :v:t6: :vulcan_salute:t6: :alien: :smile: :sunglasses: :call_me_hand:t6:

Does anyone know if stem color is an indication of deficiencies? :sunglasses:

Sometimes. What is age of plant/s. Temps? Genetics? Sometimes deficiencies cause purple / reddish purple stems. Could be: stress, phosphorous deficiency (sometimes cold mornings cause this). If it is a deficiency, you should be seeing other signs also. Change in growth, leaves changing, etc. If you are growing a genetically designed purple plant genus, then it is normal if the temps have dropped and you are into flowering

Ramblers - king pins - front wheels falling off…I had a beige 64 with red bucket seats.

Upon reaching Seattle initially, we cracked the engine block. This was my first experience taking out & dropping a new/rebuilt engine. Can’t do that nowadays without a computer!!! :sunglasses: :smile: :alien: :vulcan_salute:t6: :v:t6:

Can’t do that nowadays, too frikin old

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