Lighting for auto flowering plant grown in tents

Does it matter how high the light is in a grow tent for Auto Flower plants

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Hi @Ajp420 yes it does, keeping the light as close as you can will make her bush out and if the light is too high she will get lanky…also will affect the bud that grows …


@retiredoldguy is right you can use your hand if it to hot for your hand it’s to hot for plants @Ajp420 that’s old school way what kind of lights are you useing

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Absolutely it matters. It matters enough that one should pay attention when selecting a tent. Too short a tent is a headache. Also pay attention when selecting strains. Some are known to grow taller than others.

As to light height above the canopy, it will depend on the type of light you have. The light source, LED VS HID VS CFL…… as well as wattage which helps understand the light output.

One example is the light I’m using. Spider Farmer sf1000, as directed below.
You’ll note this light has a dimmer as well, another factor when lighting up plants.

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Even with the plant being an auto flowering plant

I would say more so with autoflowers. You cannot correct a problem w a longer veggatative cycle like one can with photos. If they miss the sweet spot early on you will just have lil tiny lollipop plants that stop vegetating up. They will just be lil buds on a stick stem. The smoke will still be good but the yield will leave you longing for more.

The ease of autos is in short season outdoor growers. Plant and don’t worry about it for 90-100days or so. The buds finish in the summer window. Indoor the time saved is the biggest advantage not having to run a dedicated veg cycle before flower. I have only run autos 3 times so I am no expert. But I would say the auto flower crosses with photos have been improving greatly each year as far ease growing (forgiveness for minor problems) and yield.

There are many here on this site that have way more experience than me with autos. As a matter of fact everyone here has convinced me to try some Frankenstein autos this next season outdoor. I will try to do a good grow journal of its progress. Then I will give you my honest opinion after I try those…

Welcome to the site @Ajp420 alan parks. Happy growing.


As they say, it’s not the height that matters. It’s the intensity of the photon flux density. :crazy_face:

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@Ajp420 yes even being auto flower…indoors lighting is sooooo important so this is definitely an area where you buy the best you can and get it as close as you can

Is it better to use 5 gallon pots or 3 gallon pots… for Autoflower?..:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::camera_flash::clinking_glasses::milky_way:

Hi @BAZOOKA the bigger the pot container typically means a bigger root ball which translates to a bigger plant…


Thanks…I will try out the 5 gallon… this is my first auto flower…I going to grow 1 plant… Organically…I choose the Sour Diesel Auto… Thanks for the input…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::camera_flash::clinking_glasses::milky_way:

@BAZOOKA do you have good overhead space to grow and your light…the top of your plant could get to 36 inch from the floor in a 5 gal

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I have the height… really appreciate the input…:sunglasses:🪴

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I just harvested a single plant auto grow. In a 27 inch square, five foot tall tent, it definitely benefits from a five gal grow bag. The bigger pot, with a whole bag of soil, ends up shallower than the same bag of soil in a narrower three gallon pot. So it buys root and nutrient capacity, and a little extra distance under the light.

Hello everybody. I have 1 auto seed here too and it will be my first time! ( )
How do you establish the photoperiod? 4/20, 6/18, 16/8, 12/12… I have doubts about this and how it will influence the final result

Ok, definition time.

A photoperiod refers to the type of plant which has its bloom triggered by the hours of light per day, (the photoperiod) it gets. In nature, once we get past peak summer daylight, and light slips to less than 12 hrs per day, the plant flips to the flowering stage. So called “photos” are plants that need the light time manipulated to trigger the budding.

Then we have plants that evolved or crossed with plants that evolved to flip all by themselves, regardless of light hours, but rather on a program coded in genetically. The “auto” can be given various light schedules, but will bloom based on its own internal code, and of course good feeding etc… It’s short lifespan means there is no time to waste. The consensus seems to be that you could run 18/6 or so through the entire life cycle. That light schedule we assign is easily confused with, but is not a “photo period.”. Photos “care about” light in order to bloom. Autos are on their own program. They are automatic. They benefit from longish light hours simply by hours of “solar power”, but they’re not dependent upon 12/12 to trigger them to flower.

ok Guy!I didn’t refer to photoperiodic plants, I referred to the time of light and dark that people usually use in their automatic plants. if we have X hours of light for Y hours of darkness, we have a period, therefore a photoperiodo. My doubt boils down to the light/darkness ratio within 24 hours. And as this proportion interferes with the evolution of the plant, I understand the difference between automatic and photoperiodic.

They love light! 20/4 is good, they can take 24/0 but many feel they like a little rest.
I have one auto in my tent with 2 photos and they are on 18/6 for the photos. When I flip them, she will tag along on the 12/12 schedule just fine.
But if I were doing only autos it would be 20/4, off between 1pm and 5pm or whenever your hottest part of the day is. Just me tho!


I run 24/0 on my autos.


Dang you mean to them girls!! No rest! None! Hehe sign me up for they need rest.

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