Light sensitivity

Hey folks…

I’ve got two plants in an indoor grow tent, humidity is a problem and my dehumidifier works wonders when it’s not full.

To keep temps down, I let the girls sleep during the day and the light is on all night long.

I flipped the girls to flower about a month ago and the flowers are coming along nicely. My question is now that they’re fully in flower, will it hurt the girls to let light in once a day when I check the humidifier water level? It’s only for a few minutes, but I’d rather shock them with light than have the humidity get 85+% for 8-10 hours.

Should I keep total darkness and worry about emptying the humidifier water only when the lights are on, or is excess humidity more of a worry?




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I know I’ve been fine with occasional, but not sure about daily and purposeful.

@CaptainZero the excess humidity would be the biggest issue imo.

What you can do to avoid light stress and herm during flower to handle your humidity issue is use a low power flashlight (under 50 ppfd) or use a green spectrum light to check on your dehumidifier since light under 50 ppfd and the green spectrum both aren’t photosynthetic.


@CaptainZero you can also use passive dehumidification like buckets of desiccant to help assist.

One of my preferred methods is two five gallon buckets and rock salt. If you want any more information on how to set up passive dehumidification let me know and I’ll walk you through it.


The dehumidifier I have apparently has a hose connection so I can run a hose out of the tent for continual draining. I’ll have to put something in the tent to raise the humidifier up to allow for gravity-flow of the water, but I think I’ll be ok.

I hope my girls appreciate everything I’m doing to make their life wonderful!!! :smiley:

Captain Z


@CaptainZero use a duct strap or a furnace strap and strap it to the frame in your tent. It works.