Light penetration for pre-flower autos

I am growing 4 Bannon Fast autos. They are looking real good at 6 weeks. Since they are fast growing Autos, I don’t train them, other than rotating daily. Nor have I pruned them other than some fan leaves at the bottom that were falling into the dirt. No topping.

Been in one light cycle since post-seedling. 18/6.

These places are screaming with future buds. They are full of calyxes from top to bottom. But the leaves are getting so dense that I’m having trouble getting light penetration into the lower pre-buds.

I saw some growers tilting their light to increase penetration and imitate normal sunlight. I am giving that a try. I figure the light can get under the leaves at an angle.

I see some people whacking the lower branches like a banjee with a machete. I was good with that with my photos but these Autos have a mind of their own and I don’t want to be whacking while they are flipping and they are getting ready to flip.

I looked at doing LST this morning but there is only one main stalk per plant. With my photos, I would snip the top so it split and that was what I trained by pulling apart. I don’t see much to train here. I do have my net that I use with Photos at this point. Might be able to get some spread with it. The problem with a training net is that once in place, you can’t move anything!!

Trying to keep my yield high. Suggestions from senior growers are appreciated.!

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Wonder where you been @SlingShot haven’t heard from you

When my Kaitlyn Bannon turned out to be Bruce, I got pretty depressed. I took a break between crops. Also had to wrestle with my company year end taxes.
But I’m back in the saddle and playing it safe with some Fast Bannon Autos.
If I remember correctly, that is your cultivar of choice. So I’m probably talking with the right guy.
What is your recommendation to max light penetration into these breasty girls?


Check it out. You can skip the pruning and feeding if you want and just do the side branch lst with some leaf tucking.

That’s what I done to some photos keep pulling main branch down let limbs out grow the main beam Screenshot_20220213-065722 red mark is main beam

I’ve got so I like to simply plant off center, and tying down to the opposite side after a few weeks to get some light under, and stimulate secondary tops without topping. I’m trying real hard not to remove any healthy leaves, they’re your sugar factories……


The way i look at it if i can tie down clip leaves here and there to get light to lower limbs then I don’t have to top or fim growing organic i feed small amount more often they seem to love it

I like that. I just put a Scrog net over it and that is such a pain since it limits movement.
I’m going to remove it and tie them over.

I have same problem get down can’t get back up knee and back problems @SlingShot

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We ain’t getting any younger.

No where not coal mines killed me out crawling around one my knees for 21 years broke my back too very grateful though

I lived in submarines for 16 years. Probably not a lot different.

Its pretty big under ground some seams are higher if you have ever worked on your knee’s on gravels that what it’s like have to wear knee pads all the time