Light Help Please!

On the 2nd grow for my wifes Meds (we won’t talk about #1)… Guess I went overboard on the tent - 96x48x72 & running 2 FSGTEK 600watt blurples… I guessing I need to upgrade the lights as we’re not getting them to grow big… Been looking at the Mars TSW2000 or Vipraspectras but after coming back from our grow shop I was told stop & just spend the extra $$$ & get good lights ($600 +) for 1.
Budget is low due to her hospital bills that led to her Medical card.
So I turn for some help - if I get the lights I’m looking at will I get yields for her or should I just overspend from the shop?


Mars, Spider farmer, HLG use the same led diode as the expensive ones do. You can keep what you got and add to it. If you wanna buy a new one look at go with the above mentioned brands. Search my name and read some of the other threads about lights. Alot of growers here have had good production with the light you mentioned you were looking at. I believe @Kronic uses the SF2000 in his grow, but I may be wrong about that specific model.


I for sure have to back HLG, awesome lights I use them, but in my opinion it is better to get a good light and cheap out on another part of ur grow if u need to cut cost bc ur light quality is one of the most important factors, to answer your question, yes, a better light will make a noticeable difference in your end yield


@RSamo Hey there! So no need to spend high dollar on some name brand stuff growers say are the best. Truthfully if you are wanting to buy TOP NOTCH diodes then it’s full spectrum 4.0 COB LEDs which only a select few companies carry them and the ONLY one that is in my book the most budget friendly as well as had the BIGGEST pro above all other light companies, their diodes can be singularly and a easily replaced for less than $100 :slight_smile: HTG supply 4.0 full spectrum line is insane. I have the 270 watt 3.0 and 4.0 from them (4.0 is the newest) and man it outputs insane PAR which is nice and is utilizing infrared to ultraviolet. Now if you don’t wanna spend that money or wanna check out other companies what @Rye said was accurate, they all use the same LED diodes just different diode makeups to create their unique spectrums. They all utilize infrared (not ultraviolet) but are full spectrum. The Mars-Hydro lights are absolutely phenomenal just like Spider Farmer, the difference is basically square vs light bar for mars and rectangular vs square for spider farmer. The SP series mars has is amazing for closet grows and longer coverage whereas the spider farmer has great coverage in the 2x4 and 4x4 spaces with their lights. Basically just look for true full spectrum Samsung, cree, or cob LED and you’ll never go wrong! I have a whole Homegrown Potcast on LEDs -


Hands Down Best Bang for your Buck California Lightworks Solar Xtreme 250!!! Don’t get the 500 or 1000. If you need more light then just buy multiple 250’s this way you can space them apart where you need them :100:. Go to LEDGROWLIGHTSDEPOT.COM they even have interest free finance options! Hope this helps :+1::sunglasses:

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Here is some information on lights

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I have a viparspectar P2000 and out of my last 2 autos in a 3x3 tent I got 7.2 ounces. I believe the just released a new line with the Samsung diodes as well.

I won a HLG 600 Rspec, it arrived today & I put it up, anyway after 3 hrs I went into the room where the tent is & temp gage on our exhaust fan module read 93 degrees… Full panic mode - I opened it up & turned up the box fan that we keep inside, moved a small clamp on fan to blow on top of light, dimmed the light a little & turned the exhaust fan up to 7.
Also cranked the humidifier up as it was 34% humidity.
Is this normal for these lights & how do I control it?

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Where is the temperature being read at, as in does it read the temp at canopy level, or just at the fan? I believe that particular light has the power supply mounted on top, therefore it will produce a decent amount of heat. The fan across the top of light will definitely help a lot, as will turning up your exhaust fan.

Also what is size of grow area (including height) and how many plants do you have going?

The tent is 96x48x72 (yea I went overkill but didn’t know anything at that time) - AC Infinity 6 inch exhaust the temp/humidity sensor hangs down & I have it about in the middle of the tent.
Right now only 1 plant, I chopped the Auto a few days ago. This is our 2nd grow for the wifes Meds - our 1st one went to hell & only 1 survived but wasn’t usable, so I went with 2 this time to gain some confidence

Make sure your sensor is under shade, or at least not in the direct light. It can give false readings that way. Turn up the exhaust fan (which you have). That may seem like a lot of room now but it won’t be too much in the long run. I would probably leave one of the vents on the bottom of tent open all the time.

You will just need to readjust you fan timing to get the heat back to a steady point.

If your plants are new to strong light, turn it down for the 1st few days, then gradually turn it up. QBs can burn a plant not used to them.

Also since this is a grow for medical, I would start new seeds soon, that way you have a perpetual style grow going.

Sorry to hear your first grow didnt work, glad you are sticking with it though.

Congratulations on winning an AMAZING light, that is the biggest investment in a grow. Now you can spend what $ you can afford to on other tools to make your growing easier. Since you have the basics (light, space, climate control) I would recommend a PH pen or tester of some sort, even if it’s just the strips. PH of the soil and water are vital.


It had been growing under a blurple - I turned the light down to about 50%, temp is around 85 degrees now.
I have 5 seeds growing under a dome & a light now.
I’ll open up a vent on the tent & see if that helps.