Light Cycle and Temperature Control Questions

Okay this is a compound post…

I decided to start my light cycle two days ago with the lights going off at 10am and back on at 5pm for veg thinking during flower the 10am to 10pm should keep the plants warm while asleep and cooler while awake (as I live in AZ its hot out). They were seedlings reciving 24 hours of light on 30% brightness and relatively close to the seedlings, I have since raised the light to 55% brightness and 3 feet above…

Recently I noticed I was running a heater outside of the tent thru a open vent and this can let light in during the day while they are suppose to be asleep… I do NOT want a herm reaction to this light… I was wondering if you think itll effect it to go back to 24 hour lighting for another week and reset the light schedule to night time for sleep.

Its been making it very difficult to adjust temperatures during the day while the lights off as light comes in thru the garage.

This leads to thisss question… Do any of you have experience with the Inkbird Digital Temperature 2 stage outlet?

My question is this: Does it turn off the heater when it reaches the maximum heat level and does it turn the AC on to cool down? And Vice versa does it turn the ac on to cool down and turn the heater off ? Im confused thinking it only makes an alarm noise for you to be alerted that the temperature went above or below the desired temperature.

Sort of a lot of information for two simple questions. I may go with blacking out the garage windows for light leak but am still lost on the temperature control whether or not it controls it or just alerts you to control it.

Thanks for your time/imput!

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I am in LV, NV and we pretty much have the same environment. I have my tent on my porch and run my lights at night for warmth, along with black ceramic heat bulbs. One bulb is on timer with my lights, one is on 24/7. Black ceramic so there is NO LIGHT LEAK. My dark is noon to 4 pm. Will make 1-5, then 2-6 as we get warmer. Eventually. heat bulbs will have to go due to our temps but I also grow in my yard so migration will begin…soon. As you know, our days are already warming up. I am busy preparing my soil.
Strain - are you growing auto or photo period plants? 14-24 hrs light will usually not kick off hermies or nanners. Too close to the light can, as can light burn. Auto will bloom based on age, not lights. Photo will veg until you flip to 12/12 or close
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I set temp to 80f and plugged in to COLD. When temps hits 80f, my exhaust fan comes on and cools down tent. I set the range parameter at 1 degree so 79f, it goes off. I have 2 fans inside tent for circulation.
The iINKBIRD works the exact same way. You can set hot and cold. You can really set ONE temperature and if hotter, or colder, each respective outlet will power on so device attached will do its job. I would give a 3 degree parameter so you are not flipping back and forth between A/C, Heat in a 1 degree range…to hard on the breakers


Sweet thank you for your response. Definitely went along and purchased the Inkbird temp and humid controllers. They make sense to me now, again I was confused at first if they manually stopped them for you or if they just beeped… Pretty stoked excited to get them installed tomorrow.

I mapped it out mentally, Im going to attach my heater on heat and my air duct on cool set at high. This should balance out together. Also got a dehumidifier to complement my reptile humidifier. Excited to not go into the tent with 20% humidity anymore or worse 99% humidity… As I learned it stunts root growth when water can be absorbed thru the plant. I try and keep it at 45-60% as they are just 1 week sprouts.

Sooo my confusion hopefully helps out any lurkers trying to map it out as well… Sort of like having that duct fan that turns off and on and “controls” humidity and temperature but i feel a lot more efficient the way Im going. Ill update in a week!