Light adjustment question

Hello, newbie here. I’m wondering how long is an appropriate time to wait before trying to adjust my lights height and power levels? I’m trying to dial in my vivosun vs2000,…… if it’s to bright or close will it usually wilt or the top leaves will show signs first correct?

For me with that light depending on temps also… If the plant is small and it is too intense you’ll generally see it trying to bend away from the light… Just raise it a 6-12" or adjust the intensity. In flower you can definitely get some crispy flower tips but you should not run into that with that light as long as you keep the light at least 12" from top of canopy but generally you will want to be closer to 18" if you can generate the intensity as the plants will like the light slightly further away.

50% @ 30" for seedling
80% @ 18-24" veg/stretch
100% @ 18" flower
80% @ 18" finishing


Thanks @laf6502 !!!

I’m new to all of this so I really appreciate the help!

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