Leaves whitening and necrosing

help me, please!!!

@SWS5S4 that’s magnesium deficiency it looks like and maybe some mold issues. Can you take a picture of the whole plant please so I can help diagnose it better?

hello @MDBuds, thanks for attention.

@SWS5S4 that’s calmag and potassium deficiency. Check your soil pH to make sure it isn’t too low before you correct it. This can be caused by phosphorus excess or low ph aside from just needing an increase in feed. Rule out pH first. If soil pH is good give a feeding. If pH is too low use some pH up with calcium/magnesium and some potassium. If pH is fine give a normal grow nutrient feeding. If it doesn’t start to recover within a few days of feeding you might need to start using some phosphorus free nitrogen fertilizers and foliar feeding with a 1% zinc/iron solution.

Thaks @MDBuds!the pH is at 7.0, a little high, I’ve been doing the irrigation water with 6.0 to see if it goes down. it comes out at 6.5 and the device continues to measure 7.0 on the ground. I’m using biobizz and would like to keep them organic. maybe Cal Mag raises the pH more, no?

@SWS5S4 are you measuring run off pH? Run off pH in an organic soil grow will have you chasing your tail. To test soil pH you need to do a slurry test.

I understand… yes, I mess with the water that comes out, 6.5. and really, I think the problems started when I started to measure the pH of the soil, I won’t care anymore. make the solution right and let it roll

Do the slurry test listed in this post and let me know what the result is.

Try it at the 1 to 1 ratio. 250 ml soil to 250 ml distilled or r/o water. Mix it and let it settle then test it with your meter.

@SWS5S4 a slurry test is different than a run off test and will give you a much more accurate measurement of your soil pH in an organic soil grow.

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Good @MDBuds , I’ll be able to do that only tomorrow. But I am writing to tell you what happened. Thank’s for help!