Leaves curling and tacoing

You guys ever see this problem before? One plant is curling and one plant is tacoing

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Looks like heat but I had same.issue with two.of.mine.my pH.was.to.low.so could be pH and could be to.hot.for.them.


It looks like its too hot for them from here. Whats the temp like? Increase circulation if you can’t bring temp down. If that proves to be the issue

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Temps are mid 70s in the day and drops down at night to high 60s. Rh sits around 55 to 60. Its only that 1 plant that curling. I did just flush with about a gallon of water because I was told my nutes were too high. Most of it ran out of the fabric pot tho so idk

This is what I got going on, kind of a double mainline situation. I was gonna veg for another 1 to 2 weeks and then flip, but I want everything to be ok first


Check the.pH of.the soil.:ok_hand:.best place.to start.

Thanks, I hear ya. I’m using BuildASoil and they say oh doesn’t matter but I guess I’ll check. I’ve been using RO water so I’m gonna start supplementing calmag today

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Could be needing calmag but curling up like leaves are doing. Looks.so.much like.heat or.intece.light very hard to tell I had two.do.the same.thing everyone kept saying light to.close.I moved my light up didn’t help.anything. I got soil testrer for pH was4.5 way to.low look.just like light burn.or to.hot

Yeah ill have to look into the light situation. I’m only at like 600 par tho so idk if thats the problem. And the heat never gets much past mid 70s. I just watered with calmag and defoliated a little, we’ll see

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How much are you watering the plants? If you are watering them too much in the living soil you could be drowning the roots. I am fairly new to understanding living soil, lights would be first guess but you aren’t growing in a normal medium. PH shouldn’t be an issue, nor calcium, imho.

Well I was giving a half gallon every 6 days or so. Now I just started a new regimen of 3 16 oz bottles of water every other day. So far they seem better. I defoliated a lot of those curled leaves off to open up the plant. If all goes well I’m gonna flip to flower next Friday. How much do you think i should water?? Here’s a couple pics I just took

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Im assuming those are 5 gal pots? At this stage those plants are underwatered.

In living soil,

5 gal will like need at least 1/4 gal per day. It will be hard to control under watering in a five or 3 gal pot. 7-10 gal would be more stable. Once per week you will probably want to give them a full 1/2 gal (that is 10%). So 5% daily and 10% once a week.

These are just guidelines. Feel the pots and make sure they are drinking or back off a bit. They should consume all that water late veg, stretch, flower. Keep an eye out especially around week 6-7 of flower as they will stop drinking so much and you’ll have to cut waterings way back.

In these smaller pots… You may even need to come in a second time during a day and water around the outer as they dry so fast. Once you find that sweet spot (some take a little more and some a little less) you’ll know it as they will be thriving and the next day you will feel the pot and it will be ready for water.

In a 7 gallon I would do 1/2 gallon every other day to start as they will retain more water and increase as needed… 3 gal you may be watering twice a day when they’re in they’re in their prime and raging.

One thing that has also helped me with the smaller pots is auto waterers to at least allow the roots on bottom to wick fresh water. AC Inf. sets a 4 pack that is reasonable. They won’t water your plant but theyll help them from completely drying out. I think a must have for 3-5 gal pots.

I can tell you I have 4 on them and they are the most consistent in terms of their waterings and how fast the plants dry out. Even when they still have some moisture youll be surprised how much fresh water they draw from the bottom. I was watching Build-a-Soil not to long ago and Jermey was explaining how a plant likes the ability to draw fresh water when it wants rather than from the top where nutrients are being forced to the plant… So it makes sense why the ones on the auto waterers look better. Because the small pots are constantly drying out.

Once im brave enough, I may put a couple 3x3 beds in my tent but I may start out with some small earth boxes.

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Yeah you and me are both on the same page. I’ll try the 5% a day and 1 10%. I did see his YouTube short too, i watch all his stuff and Welcome To The Grow Tent, he’s cool too. Idk if I’m ready for earth boxes yet but I’m tempted. I’m only in a 4x4 right now. The goal is to get an 8x8 and use this tent for drying eventually, then I’ll have more flexibility.

I still have 1 more seed of this strain and I have 4 freebies from when I ordered theses ones. These are Ethos Strawberry OG Cookies fems from Brotanical gardens. They gave me 1 King Sherm fem and 3 Zour Apples autos on the house. Gotta love that lol. Probably gonna do the autos next then really do it right with the 2 fems I have left. This mainlining aint for me. I wish I just did the 1 node instead of 2, too many branches, its kind of cluttered.

I see AC has a new humidifier that looks awesome. Hopefully they put their new 4x4 lights up for sale by the time I get done these grows so I can get the 8x8 tent, 2 4x4 lights, and the humidifier. I already have their circulating clip fans and exhaust fan. I love the controller that controls everything right from my phone. But my light is OpticLED so I gotta go work that controller manually. I want everything consolidated to 1 controller.

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I just bought the 4x4 kit and its pretty awesome… The light seems to be good but not as much coverage as my se5000’s in the 4x8 ac infinity tent… I think I would consider going bar style lighting as they are a bigger foot print for the 4x4. Although the ion board works great in the 4x4 for young plants it does seem to run a bit hotter to me. I can see limitations to that light in a 4x4 space as the out edges of the tent will not get enough light so you need to try to keep everything centered. I know the control of the ACI is great but I think they need to build a light with better coverage for a 4x4.

In the 4x8…two se5000s are perfect. Or even the se7000. Economical and very good lights.

The Ethos is good weed. I got some zweet grapes and zour apples as freebies… Still need to grow the apples but the sweet grapes was some dankity. Btw… If you wanna run some great auto genes…Check out Mephisto Genetics. You can see my current run on the beginner thread “Autos at 30- 35 days”… They are mostly Mephisto. Also, they give you a generous extra seed(s) in every pack ive ever bought… Plust their freebies are all their catalog stuff that is crossed with their strains… Ive grown 4 of their freebies and its outstanding. Their consistency for high terpene output and snow is top of the line. Every strain ive smoked is top shelf connoisseur dank.

That’s good to know about the AC light. Guess I’ll pass in them. Mine is powerful if I can just figure out the perfect light mix.

Great looking plants man! I saw ur choices for next time. You might wanna consider Ethos Mandarin Cookies V2 in the mix too. That’s gonna be my next order probably. The bag appeal looks amazing, and I’ve seen the final product on a grow diary and it looks just like the seed banks pics, almost like a powder blue. So many choices, so little time tho. I wish I started growing 20 years ago lol

I use Mars Hydro for lighting got a 300 and 480 watt and two 4 x 4 tents. Recently purchased the second tent to start trying photoperiods. I currently have like 20 seeds and don’t want them to go to waste. Only starting with one plant at a time as I have heard of ridiculous harvests off photos. I only know so many people to either sell or give it to.

I don’t currently use living soil or anything but FF soil, I am watering all these plants 1/2 a gallon a day and they could possibly do more. Tall girl in first picture was taking a gallon a day. I lift my plants daily and water accordingly, i also never water to run off. My plants have since gotten severly heavy and ready for harvest.

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That’s cool. Nice plants! I got a pound off 4 plants my last run, 2nd grow. Lotta larf tho so I trimmed all the lower nodes as they grow this time. My plants are in perpetual lollipop state. Yeah I’ve seen some massive single plants, problem is the time investment. Thats why I’m excited to plant my 3 autos, it’ll be nice to have a 10 week grow instead of 4 to 6 months lol

Be careful, most of my autos have taken up to 16 weeks, but slowly dialing down. The more you stress the longer they take. I avg a pound off 4 autos so I can only imagine what I am going to do with photos. Though my latest autos are hitting closer to the half pound each mark. My first photo is currently at week 9 of veg. probably gonna defoliate and flip her in the next week or two. No larf, some softball size dense heavyweight buds. Bout to trim as a matter of fact…will post the top cola of the one I didn’t train.

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Well how big r the pots u got the autos in? I’ve heard the bigger the pot the longer they take. I was gonna use 3 gallon pots so they flower faster. I heard they don’t flip until the roots hit the sides of the pots so maybe that’s why yours are taking longer. Really I just wanna use 1 gallon pot just to blow through them and get to my last 2 photos so I can take my time with them