Leaf discoloration

Can someone please explain the leaf discoloration on these autos its my first time growing them in a greenhouse always grew phptoperiods outdoors

Hi Dman, and welcome! Looks like less water or cal/mag needed possibly, IMO. Good luck and happy growing!

Also, what size is your pot?

Nvm, I see the depot, lol.

TEMPS, Air circulation and CALCIUM…hard to point at one or the other. Usually a plant this young does not need nutrients so another thing could either be you got hot soil (nutrients) or Ph is locking something out

Link might help, unsure if y’all can consolidate? Accidental sprayage during lights on.

Yes go get some CalMag and mix it with your water once a week and not on your regular feed day. Also you can mix it and use it as a Folic Spray just be sure to make your ratio correct on mixing. Once a week for the duration of all your girls in the future will help. I promise. Good luck and happy growing. Looks like you got a good start.