Leaf discoloration fan leaves

I have 2 tangie x chocolope photo plants, they are about 4 weeks into flower, I noticed pistils showing on 10/16. They are both in 3 gallon pots, I have wanted to get them switched into 5 gallon fabric pots but I haven’t had enough uninterrupted time to carefully transfer them to the bigger pots, I will get that done this weekend. They are in coco coir and have been using the nutes in the picture. The leaves that seem to be having the spots is only the fan leaves as best I can tell. I water them twice a day basically, I only give them a quart of water each day, one of the plants is smaller and doesn’t seem to take as much water as it’s big sister so it sometimes gets a little less. Any thoughts or suggestions?? Plants still seem to be growing just fine and new growth doesn’t show these spots as of yet. Definitely don’t want that so trying to catchy the issue now.


@jjress kinda looks like Leaf Septoria…I would cut any leaves like that off



Here are some more pictures, I cut off the leaves as I find them when watering, none of the new growth seems to be affected, it seems to be on the lower half of the plant. I’m going to search what I can find about septoria.

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@jjress try this link


What has your humidity been on if it gets too high or low it will make water moisture come out of the leaf’s when lights on and scorch the leafs not saying that the problem but keep eye on humidity and see if they putting water out through leafs

I was thinking it might be this because it looks very similar to what I’m seeing, I am gonna look closely to see if this may be the issues, however my humidity has been all over the place. The temp is kinda crazy, I have a dehumidifier but some days it doesn’t seem to be working all that great. But I have noticed on a few occasions that some of the leaves have been wet or had droplets on them when I’ve been looking the plant over. And I knew it wasn’t from me watering them.

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If you have water droplets on your leaves you need to get your humidity down because it will cause all sorts of issues…put a circulating fan on her

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Yes it will you need to get that humidity lined out are you growing in a tent or grow room

Like @retiredoldguy Said if of have fan get it on jt it you get humidifier straighten out you can look your plants over to see if they have water droplets on leafs if so fan

It is thrips, damn, these things are tiny. It’s crazy HGC just did a video on these things I believe. Hopefully I can get rid of them.

image image

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I have a tent and it’s in my shed outside, just found thrips on a few of the fan leaves. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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@jjress damn outside grows are so fun aren’t they…I think @Mrb53004 or @MDBuds have made some home brews to take care of things like this.


That’s your problem most likely its outside in a shed temperature changeing that doesn’t look like thrips have you got better picture of them @jjress


If that’s what you have you can dust your hole plants with D-E as long as there in flower


D-E ?? Yes they are in flower, right around 4 weeks in now. I will try and google this to see what comes up. There was a link that @retiredoldguy sent me and there was a few things listed in it to treat for the thrips, I’m thinking Lowe’s or Home Depot may have it near me.

@Daddy1971 im pretty sure that’s what is going on now, I can see them moving around on the leaves, but they are super small, I will try and get a picture of one in my loupe.

We ask @Mrb53004 i think he might have some spray of his not for sure he will come to use yea thats bad deal where there in flower

couple of links
identify issue = Plant Problems – Castle Frankenstein (castle-frankenstein.com) then chose “PLANT PROBLEMS”

Dr Frankenstein’s brew = Dr. Frankenstein’s – bio-animation spray. Bio-stimulant/Fungicide/Insecticide/Surfactant – Castle Frankenstein (castle-frankenstein.com)

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Thanks @Mrb53004 for helping out