Lab test results. 30%thc

Numbers says it all. 3 5oz off each plant.


Awesome! Is that a home tester?

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Where did you send for testing??

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Local place. Uses a purple pro tester, you can google them. While they ARE available for home use, their price puts them in the lab/dispensary/manufacturing range.

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Curious minds want to know…what strain was this/?

Was his Sour Pinot, Watermelon

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@Rye do you know if that’s THCa or active thc?

That’s insane thc for an auto. Lol

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That is truly amazing, great job @Rye. :partying_face:

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That’s a great thing about this forum. Not only do we learn how to take care of our ladies, we can learn what strains fit the agenda of what we are looking for.

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I think I’d be dead for a couple of hours. Hahaha! However, clearing the goop out of my brain would benefit.

wow! 30% is like 190 proof! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:

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When you send your sample to the lab, do they report any residues, residual chem’s, pesticides, mold, etc., they find?

That depends on what you pay for. And what lab you send it too. Some offer terpene profiles as well. The market is trending that way, but for more serious growers/small commercial there are a few devices that fall into our price range, well the upper end for sure, to test “onsite”.

With the lab you get a better break down for sure. But they use the same technology as the upper end onsite testers such as the purple pro or Tcheck, both use some form of infrared spectrograph.

For my purposes its excellent. I KNOW ABSOLUTELY what is in my plants, I put everything there. So I don’t worry about contamination.

I am asking because of my Solution. In addition to MOLD control, Pest Control, it washes but leaves THC untouched. I have a slight variation for each product or can combine into 1. I have a few members doing test bed documentation for me

In case anyone is curious, just arrived in my email:

" HATS will take the sample from the grower’s fields or green house and send it to the Eurofins or New Bloom laboratory (your choice of which) and have the results back in 72 hours + USPS travel time.

Both laboratories will be providing results on Delta-9 THC%, THCA%, Total THC%, CBD%, CBDA%, and Total CBD% via email to the growers. They will also send the results to TDA so you do not have to report. The total cost of the sampling and testing and reporting is $260 for the first sample and $220 for each additional sample taken the same day from a greenhouse, field, or farm within 3 miles of the first.

If you want additional tests such as pesticides, terpenes, heavy metals, or mycotoxins, etc. the labs can do them at the same time for a nominal added fee. Call for details as each combination is different.

To schedule your preharvest test go our website and click on “Schedule Your Test”

Wasn’t there something a while back with New Bloom?