Issues with autoflowering

I purchased a high THC mix pack. 10 green crack, 10 Jack Herer and 10 gg4 autoflowers. Also recieved 4 Gelato. I started with the gg4 auto’s and I am 43 days into the grow and they haven’t even sexed themselves yet! Also 4 of the seeds didn’t even germinate! Two of the plants are obviously photoperiod sativas and 4 look like an indica variety. Bottom line is, I didn’t get what I ordered. It’s EXTREMELY MESSED UP THAT I DIDN’T GET WHAT I PAID FOR! I DON’T HAVE ANY REASON TO EXPECT THE OTHER SEEDS TO BE WHAT I ORDERED EITHER! I WILL NEVER TRUST YOUR COMPANY AGAIN!

So I’m sorry for you frustrations, however several of the strains are sativa that you mentioned and germination process usually tends to be error on the person not the company however if you emailed them they’d replace within 30 days. If you order a mix pack and you don’t have decisive bags that tell you the seeds it’s random for those genetics. But Jack Herer is a Sativa lineage as well as green crack - however green crack comes from skunk so some pheno may produce indica leaves. Your entire comment is very subpar to an actual review and you’ve yet to flower out or find out 100% what you’re growing. It’s comments like this in our community that companies constantly have to defend. How about ask a question? I’ve ordered over 100 seeds from them and they’re all exactly what they say. Extremely stable and solid plants. Post photos of your grows and wait for flower to come around. You can’t base any judgement off fan leaves with hybrid phenos. Unless you’re growing pure sativa or pure indica your leaves could be either or. I’ve grown 3 blueberry and each have had different thickness in leaves and the latest in more sativa. That’s genetics. I suggest asking questions, posting photos, and maybe emailing the company nicely explaining your germination process. Because to be honest this is a ridiculous comment.


I also like to add AUTOFLOWERS DO NOT JUST FLOWER THE SAME TIME EVERY TIME! They’re ruderalis genetics, some go for 60-120 days, I have one that finally showed sex as a blueberry Auto at day 64 finally. So it’s up to the plant or plants. They’re all different. And there’s no 100% exact science.


Also I want to add to your germination issue. I’ve germinated 20+ seeds now, all 100% success rate and even ones I purchased years ago from them. I had 3 not pop and I messaged them and they replaced them. It happens. But there are so many key factors to germinating you cannot get mad at a company when it may be you causing the process to not work. Keep that In mind. And this company will still eat the cost usually even with customers faults. So your comment has so many issues that I think you should approach it much more professionally.


I am sorry for my frustration coming through in my comments. The seeds were plainly labeled in their respective packaging. I understand that strains have variations as I’ve been growing since 1969. Everything I have read indicates that auto’s should start flowering quickly and I have never grown auto’s before. Assuming that I am so unintelligent as to not have paid attention to the package the seeds I planted came from is a bit Assuming as well. I am 64 years old, my IQ is 168. This is not my first rodeo.

No I wasn’t assuming anything - you keep going on with assumptions. I’ve never purchased a mix pack, I didn’t know if they were labeled or random, so I said if you open a pack and it’s not labeled and you’re going off leaves it seems you got the right seeds, now seeing as they were labeled you are just seeing the ancestral genetics come through. If the flower doesn’t match the profile of the bud and pictures then you have issues. But again 3 blueberry and 2 were indica looking and this 3rd is a heavy sativa leaf structure. Now here’s some info you should understand about autos, Ruderalis is a breed of plant autoflowers come from. Ruderalis are crossed with photoperiods or other Ruderalis and pheno hunted down to a point where they always flower around a time. However with different lineages it can take longer for certain strains to flower. I understand frustration comes through but post some photos, give me some details on how you germinate, your grow room, tent, or greenhouse setup, and your temperature and humidity you keep your setup at and I will help the best I can! Email them ASAP for the non popped seeds - 30 days and you’ll get new ones. You just have to tell them how you germinated :grin: happy growing!


I truly appreciate your help with understanding the topic. I am not worried about the ungerminated seeds. My tent is 5 x 10, humidity @ 56%, temperature at 77 f. Plants are vibrant and healthy!


oh yeah, 2 fans as well


I understand your frustrations with the length it is taking. I am growing some autos right now too. Sour Diesel, Snow Ryder, GSC, Monster Kush and an Afghani. 36 days in all but the Monster Kush is in full flower.

Sometimes certain ones just take longer. There are even times you have to put them in a 12/12 schedule to start flower. Genetics are strange. Some seeds the photoperiod gene dominates.

Hopefully this helps some. However, 6 plants all not showing yet does seem strange no matter how you look or say it.

Good luck and just keep growing!


Ok so all 6 of these are the same strain, lemon haze auto. 4 popped on July 6th, and 2 on July 11th. If you look closely you can see quite a bit of differences, and no it’s not from training. 1 of the 4 is obviously 3-5 days ahead of the other 3 in bud development, another 1 of those 4 is at least 5 days behind the others. Out of the other 2, 1 is a week ahead of the other. All show the same growth pattern in branching and leaf development except the 1 fast and tall (front left in pic)

All get exact same everything, light, water, feed etc. My first plant showed flower at day 24, my last plant to show flower did so on day 38.

My point is that even within a stable genetic line there are variations. And that’s to say nothing of environmental variables


Thanks for the information. I’ll flip them if they get too big! Lol


I’m having a similar issue with 2 GG4 autos from a High THC Pack. Both are healthy and vegging out at 9 weeks now, no flowers yet. Is there some way to verify they are in fact autos?
I have them under a MarsHydro TS 1000 at 20/4. The label on the packet says
BIN: 03:05:04

According to the package number those are feminized photoperoid seeds, if it’s not what you ordered then you need to contact the company.

Other wise flip the light to 12/12 and flower them.

Quite a few ppl ordered autoflower seeds and expecting the free seeds to be autos, the free seeds are what ever code you put in.

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Thank you for verifying, I appreciate your help. I will flip them to 12/12.

@Rye Just as a FYI, these weren’t freebies, they were purchased in the High THC Pack. The site says there would be Gorilla Glue autos. It might be that the pick system has the incorrect bin number for this pack.

Definitely email them, see what they say.