Is this plant flowering?

Hey @Chasworks
the runtz i took the cuttings from showed me these when the lights came on?
These look bud sites to me, what do you think?
The packaging read fast flowering but :sleepy: sadly I took the best stems

Are those autos or photoperiod plants? If they are under 18/6 lights, photos shouldn’t start flowering yet.
Autos have a defined lifespan, say 16 weeks as an example (last 8 being flower time). So if you take a clone of an auto at at 6 weeks, then 2 weeks to clone, even the clone is 8 weeks into its life, like the donor. It will start flowering the same time.

she was supposed to be fast flowering which is in fact photoperiod. they have like 10/20 percent ruderalis in them flowering ought to be 2-3 weeks shorter.

Yeah, 20% ruderalis genes…this one might be expressing that lineage a bit more!

She be a good smoke nonetheless!


When she begins flowering you will see the pistols coming from the top, it will look like buttons: i did mention not to sacrifice the mother for the clones! Usually i will clone from a larger mother & take the lower nodes: :yin_yang: But it is what it is this time: :peace_symbol:

Yes that very early but look like a flowe site yes